Friday, August 28, 2009

Summer Shoe Selection

YNU Group's Houda wears her original turquoise lace up sandals. The other Sunset Edition Mixis dolls also wear lace up sandals: Rosa's sandals are white, Opal's are bronze, and Emerald's are dusty pink.

Moving clockwise, the shoes on the table beside Houda are Ken's red sandals, Integrity Dynamite Girls' red sandals, Takara Jenny's light blue platform sandals, Lanard I-Girls' pink sandals, Integrity Queen Adora's gold "leather" sandals, unknown pink sandals, and Hasbro Starlight Girl's orange "jellies."

Which shoes do you think Houda and the other Mixis dolls can wear? The Ken sandals are too BIG. But Houda can wear the I-Girls' sandals and the Starlight Girls' "jellies."


RoxanneRoxanne said...

Hmmmmm, she can wear the EverGirl's shoes as well. She can also wear the Lollipop Girl's shoes, and Jakks Pacific ladies' shoes, but she can not stand up in them.

D7ana said...

Thanks, Roxanne, for expanding the Mixis dolls' shoe wardrobe ;-D

I've got the EverGirl's shoes, the Lollipop Girl's shoes and boots, and a few Jakks Pacific G.I.R.L. Force shoes and boots. I'll remember to use a stand if I dress the Mixis dolls in any "other" doll footwear.

Future project: a chart of doll shoes/boots and which shoes can be worn by other dolls.