Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another Borrowed Mixis Fashions Photo - BBi Perfect Bodies

Here are my two BBi Perfect Body action figures, the Hispanic and the African American females. Sunshine Opal's knit sundress fits even in the bodice - probably because the fabric yields to the Perfect Body figure. LE Emerald's denim mini skirt fits well.


RoxanneRoxanne said...

Great pic! I want the hat that's on the AA PB.

D7ana said...

Thanks ;-D

The straw hat on the AA PB came from an A.C. Moore craft store. Well, it came with a little help from me LOL.

A.C. Moore Online only has the larger straw hats. I'll check next time I am in that area to see if they still have the smaller straw hats.

E. A said...

It's great to know that the Mixis fashions fit on PBs and CGs. I really wonder if the sundress would fit on Will, who is on an Obitsu regular male body.

The captcha is "kinki," no joke. Maybe for "kinki" hair? :D

D7ana said...

Hi, E.A.!

I don't have any Obitsu regular male bodies, but I do have an Obitsu teen male body. Opal's turquoise dress and Rosa's floral dress fit that body smoothly. Opal's pants and the denim skirts are slightly bigger - either underwear OR a bulky top would be needed to keep the bottoms secure on the Obitsu teen male body.

My guess is that the Mixis sundresses would be snug or require a gusset to fit Will.

My Obitsu male teen body is making noises I equate with sobbing. I guess he wants a head. Thanks again, E.A. - your query reminds me of his lack ;-D

D7ana said...

Oh the captchas can have uncanny responses. Shrug.