Monday, March 7, 2011

Reconnecting with eBay: A Prodigal Seller Returns

Over the weekend, I submitted some items on eBay. Yes, I did.

One set has a bid -- whoo hooo! -- and that's good to see. Someone suggested I use eBay and I thought, hey, maybe I should. So they held my money until the buyer gave them feedback last time I used them. So they get me with fees on entry, when the item is sold, at the end of the month, and with PayPal. The remains from that financial gouging will leave me with something more than the nothing I had before. Plus I will have more space. Just don't think of the fees as removal of flesh closest to my heart, lol. Pretend I just didn't get as much as I did.

Oh, the items I have for sale? A set of Francie outfits, the Happy Family female Neighbor and her toddler, and three My Scene Rebel Style dolls (Chelsea, Madison, and Nolee). You can see the dolls here:


Spring Cleaning ... hmmm.


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Selling on eBay often leaves you thinking you've been blindsided after eBay and Paypal take their cuts, especially when the item sells for less than you've paid. But if you need space and a few more $'s than you already have, something is always better than nothing.

Good luck with the auctions

Vanessa said...

That Happy Family set should sell. I have looked at that item for months. I really mainly wanted the baby walker. I hope they start bidding on it soon, so I won't be tempted! LOL.

D7ana said...

Too true, BDE, about selling on eBay. Sigh. Why I prefer to share lists on DAF boards, etc.

Vanessa, I have one query about postage to Italy for the Happy Family set. So you might "luck out" after all. Mind you don't look too closely at the Happy Family dolls; I suspect them of casting spells. "Buy us, buy us," they're saying. LOL

AilanthusAltissima said...

How was it selling on ebay? I used to sell (and buy) dolls there, but the place has become entirely too unfriendly as a buyer or a seller. I deliberately stopped selling there after a big wave of policy changes when I was no longer sure exactly what I buying when I paid an insertion fee. I think their search algorithm "hides" or "buries" items from some sellers in favor of other sellers. So I think success there depends on how much the ebay corporation values your business (and I don't think they value hobbyists at all). Which is a shame, because buying on ebay was how I got hooked on collecting....

D7ana said...

Hi Kim. Mixed reviews on my recent eBay experience. Plus side: two out of three things sold. That's good; NOTHING sold on the new Yardsellr on eBay. Plus the things sold higher than would have charged or expected.