Thursday, May 26, 2011

1970s Happy Family Grandparents Were Issued - I Never Knew!

Frannie found them. Uh huh. Hal Happy's parents. Check her post here.

I had the original Sunshine Family, the Sunshine Family Grandparents, and the Happy Family. But no Happy Family Grandparents. Where were they hidden, I ask? I mean, I never heard of them. I certainly never saw them. And I used to be into that series when I was young. Even though they have inset eyes that reminded me of birds' eyes.

Aside: Stephanie got lost early on. I do not believe that Stevie disposed of her although he had a torrid affair with Hasbro's Love. Since Stevie was like-able but not particularly gorgeous (remember the birds' eyes) or sexy (please), I never acted out what "torrid love affair" meant. But I liked the description, so it stuck to the Stevie-Love relationship.

Well, after I stopped reeling from the awareness that dolls existed that I missed - plop down and pout, okay enough of that, lol - I remembered a similar doll series Mattel produced using the Stevie and Stephie head sculpts. Anyone remember the Star Spangled dolls?

I found my Star Spangled Dolls brochure. As I mentioned to Frannie in her comments, my Indian Maiden and Pioneer Daughter dolls are too dusty zones to be photo presentable. So they are going to be "no shows" in this post. Still, I wanted to acknowledge those dolls from my past. Just a brief salute.

The text is um ... quaint? If cleaned up American history bothers you, you might want to skip it.  The above Star Spangled Doll link shows the dolls and their bios. A little embarrassing to read now.



Black Doll Enthusiast said...

I found out about the Happy Family and their grandparents only after I became a collector in the 1990s and eventually acquired all dolls including the separately sold grandparents and paper doll book, which includes the grands. I actually forgot that I owned the grandparents until last year (I think) -- my memory is so bad and I have so many dolls that forgetting what I own does happen more often than not. Their pupil-less eyes are "interesting."


Frannie said...

Thanks for posting the brochure.
Now my quest is to find that rare Aunt and some of the Star Spangled dolls.

D7ana said...

Congratulations on gathering the whole Happy Family crew, DBG!

Somewhere I have a paper doll set of the Sunshine Fun Family with the two kids. Somewhere ... lol.

I, too, have so many dolls and related paraphernalia that I (almost) don't know what I have. My Excel database needs an update.

Sigh. LOL

D7ana said...

My pleasure to post those pages from the Star Spangled doll brochure, Frannie!

Good luck finding the rare Aunt and the Star Spangled dolls you want ;-)