Sunday, May 22, 2011

Asian American DAFs: Hey Girls!

Six lovely Asian American dolls. Who are they?

1. Get Real Girl, Skylar Ron, Japanese Canadian

2. Hasbro, Starlight Girl Banee, Vietnamese American

3. Mattel, Friend of Kelly, specific Asian background not provided

4. Mattel, Happy Family's Neighborhood baby, specific Asian background not provided

5. Playmates, everGirl, specific Asian background not provided

6. Kenner, The Babysitters Club Claudia Kishi, Japanese American

I will post other Asian American dolls and action figures, too.


Vanessa said...

Is that a Kenmore kitchen sitting on the shelf? Oh, I digress. I would love to add the first one and the last one to my collection. I have the two kids and I have several ladies.

Dollz4Moi said...

I have 5 of the 6 dolls pictured and I love them all. Most of the ethnic dolls are my favorite out of most doll lines. I grab them when I can because they get hard to find after some time

D7ana said...

Yes, that is a Kenmore kitchen on the shelf behind the ladies. It is to be a kitchen for one of my action figures, Vinnie from 21st Century. He's going to decorate it in the colors of the Italian flag - red, white, and green.

Oops, there I go digressing ;-D

One of my favorite of the kiddies is that grinning little girl. I have to smile back at her. She looks so adorably happy.

Skylar is one of the Get Real Girls dolls. A few years ago, she was easy to find and reasonable to buy. I'm not so sure now if she is as accessible. Her hair is brown, which is unusual among American Asian dolls.

Claudia Kishi is from the Babysitters Club doll series by KENNER.

Please note: both Remco and Kenner produced Babysitters Club dolls. The dolls were issued in two sizes, 19" and 12" similar to the way MGA Entertainment has two sizes of BFC Ink. dolls. I've got to do some research on this series; they came out when I was an adult. I'll do a follow-up post on them ;-)

I believe that DBG has the Black Babysitters Club doll, Jessi. I am not sure whether that doll was produced by Kenner or by Remco.

Niel said...

they are all cute! someday...


D7ana said...

Ah, yes Niel ... Banee is singing "Tomorrow" ;-D