Thursday, June 30, 2011

Is Barbie Basics No.17 Moonlighting as a Teen Werewolf?

Gosh, the new-to-me male werewolf aka Clawd in the Monster High series by Mattel looks a lot like the Barbie Basics No. 17.

So is he a male model during the day and a wolf at night? Aaawwwwuuuuullllll.


miladyblue said...

How well is this line doing for Mattel? It seems that every board and forum I belong to have a LOT of enthusiasts posting.

Vanessa said...

Hmmmm. I think you are right! That reminds me, I haven't seen Ian (my model 17) in a while. I wonder if he and Olivia are still dating?

AilanthusAltissima said...

The blog post title is hilarious!!!!! But to get to your question, as you know, Mattel recycles just about everything and they also will appropriate good ideas or designs that other companies have.

D7ana said...

Hi Miladyblue! I'm not sure how this line is doing for Mattel. Offhand, I would say well, given the enthusiasts for it. But the extreme boniness of the bodies and the big-headedness puts me off.

What do you think of them? Can you imagine any of them finding themselves amidst your lovely taller figures?

Oh, Vanessa. I am worried now. Please check on your Ian. Poor Olivia ... no, that can't be. Your guy is in the South. He wasn't in a Northeast Walmart. I'm sure of it. But we'd all feel better if you found him ... unfanged at home ;-D

My guy? Derek (my model 17)? He's rolling his eyes and turned up his adorable nose. He's so mad at me, if he weren't a Ken-friend, he'd probably spit. Fire. Methinks he doesn't approve of the Werewolf connection.

Hi Kim! Glad you enjoyed the post title. Mattel has got idea recycling/appropriation/swiping down to an art form.

Vanessa said...

Hey it was the first. I left you a message first thing this morn and I haven't heard back. I'm ready to pay, but need an email address. Oh, I forgot, Ian has been babysitting the boys with all the Daddy/Daughter dance stuff going on. He hasn't had time to get into trouble.

D7ana said...

Thanks for the reminder about the pizza and the luggage.

Whew. Glad to hear your guy is safe taking care of the boys and NOT jaunting about at a teen werewolf.

My Derek is still annoyed that I would suggest that he was a. a teen and b. a werewolf. Not sure which offended him worse.

Ms. Leo said...

Well I think the wolf sorta looks like Lenny Kravitz!--Post dreds. I do think Lenny is HOT! That not to say I would buy him. I agree with you about this line.

As for the Lenny thing. He does have a strange rep, Muscian/wildchild... or is that redundant? In Hollywood, an actress breaks up with someone, goes out with Lenny for a while, is somehow healed...mmm, and then moves on with her live. He really should charge a fee!

. said...

I came across yur blog looking for a doll

I wonder do you know what they are caled. I know there barbies and poseable but that's about it. if anybody knows let me know!

D7ana said...

Hi, . !

I'll do a post answering your question. Thanks for looking!