Sunday, June 26, 2011

Whistle Blows: Market East Kmart has Moxie Boyz Summer Swim Magic Owen

I didn't see Moxie Boyz Jaxson, but Summer Swim Magic Owen was in the Market East Kmart. Check him out in his madras plaid swim trunks. Heading for the clam bake, are we? Way to go, little dude.


AilanthusAltissima said...

I like this little guy!

D7ana said...

Yeah, I thought he was cute, too. Thought? Still think it, lol. I never cared for any of the Bratz guys, but this one ... too cute.

AilanthusAltissima said...

I really like the Bratz Boyz. To me, they have so much more character and personality than Ken which was about the only option I had for fashion dolls when I was little (I didn't play with action figures when I was little - except for a lone GI Joe and I can't remember whether that was mine or whether it belonged to my brother).

This little guy (Moxie Boy) is cute! I have to hide my wallet before visiting your blog.

D7ana said...

I think it's his sandy coloring and slouchy look.

Me: Whatcha doin Owen?

Owen: Chillin' just chillin'.

Okay, who's got my wallet. I gotta get him. G.I. Joe, do you have my wallet? What do you mean, the Kens have it?

D7ana said...

Hi, Kim. Got distracted. Bratz Boyz ... hmmm ... I recall one named Eitan because it was an interesting name. I keep wanting to add noses to the Bratz faces. I could almost deal with the big heads and big feet. The oversized eyes and the overdrawn lips, but the lack of a nose ... shudder.

Oh, teasing again. Wonder where my Joes get their devilishness? Um, that was a rhetorical question ;-)

When I was young, I didn't like either of the Ken options available: square-headed, blue bug-eyed, straight leg Kens and the new groovy Ken of 1968. One too nerdy; the other too perve-ey. But I could go to the Boys' section aka the Green Aisle. There I found G.I. Joes, the Defender, and other odd 12" male figures. The 1970s were good for male action figures and wannabe Kens. Not so great for Kens in general though ;-)

I would lend you my Joes to hide your wallet, but they'd only trot it out if they saw something they liked, lol. They'd try to tug on your sentiment by chatting about your childhood Joe.