Thursday, July 14, 2011

CG Ice or Miss Fear: Who's Scarier?

I'd taken these photos comparing the head sizes of Takara CyGirl Ice and Hasbro Miss Fear, when I thought hmmm ... Ice looks slightly more intimidating in the side view photo. She seems to be leaning in and making herself look bigger as if to frighten Miss Fear. Not that Miss Fear appears to be backing down. No. Our Miss Fear inspires fear in hearts and minds here in East Philly.

But that's me. Who would you prefer to NEVER encounter in a dark alley?


Anonymous said...

Ms. Fear. Hands down. She would cut you down, spin around on 1 stiletto heel and then go for a steak dinner served very rare.

AudraBark1 said...

Oh, Miss Fear is wonderful! I've never heard of her and now I want her. I wonder what the odds are of her turning up in a thrift shop? Very low, I would imagine. I wonder if I could turn a Chinese Barbie into a Miss Fear.

D7ana said...

Thanks AudraBark1 and Anonymous! My Ms. Fear agrees with Anonymous. Ice has backed down a little. Maybe Ms. Fear is scarier.

Ms. Fear could appear at a thrift shop.

Niel Camhalla said...

Love Ms Fear! Waiting for her in a thrift shop... LOL!

D7ana said...

I had to end my last message before I had completed it.

Yes, Niel, it would be a happy, lucky day for any collector to come across a Miss Fear at a thrift shop ;-O. Not impossible, I suppose, but not likely is how I would have continued that comment.

So, AudraBark1, you are not likely to encounter Miss Fear in a thrift store. She was created for action figure enthusiasts, so she was not as widely distributed as say almost any Barbie collectible. Hence Niel's delight and amusement at the thought of a Miss Fear being found in a thrift store. Collectors deciding that Miss Fear would rather live elsewhere, tend to sell her to other collectors.

However, you might find Miss Fear
from an online source - either through another collector or at an online shop.

Good luck finding her or re-creating her in your preferred Barbie ...

Vanessa said...

Definetely I wouldn't like to be enemies with Miss Fear!

D7ana said...

No, now Ice agrees with you, Vanessa. She is rueing the day she tried to challenge Ms. Fear. I don't think that Michael Chan will be much help to Ice.

corsetkitten (aka Erica) said...

Miss Fear. (Or is that Ms.?) She's scarier because she looks like she could rip your throat out without blinking. Miss fear is just completely bad ass!

Ice...not so much so.

I think in your photos she looks menacing only because she's being forced to wear that outfit that Takara gave her!

I mean once dressed in regular clothes---ice just doesn't look that scary!example here: