Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Do Specific Doll/Action Figures Inspire You to Watch Related Programs?

I saw the Character Optics Martha Jones doll in an action figure brochure, and decided to buy her. I had no idea who she was, but I liked her set chin and her odd molded hair. Then after I had her for a while, I began to wonder about the character she represented and the television show she "belonged to." So I looked into finding out about the new Dr. Who series. Ah! another fascination begins. I borrowed all the Dr. Who DVDs I could find.

So I wonder and ask: have you ever been inspired to watch a television program or see a movie because you liked a doll or action figure based on that featured that doll or action figure?


AudraBark1 said...

I was mildly curious about Kim Possible after I found the doll, but not enough to actually track down a TV show about her. I just looked her up and read a little about her and decided I would rather create my own fantasies about her.

I also have a G.I. Joe for my Barbies and I have NEVER had a desire to watch his cartoon!

Niel said...

I can't think of an instance of that happening to me so I'd say, no. Like Erica Kane, I'm not going to watch her show even if I like the doll.

There reverse is true though, buying a doll because I liked the show. :)

Richi said...

I watched the new Alice in Wonderland movie after seeing the dolls.

D7ana said...

Hi AudraBark1, Niel, and Valerie Kelley! Thanks for your comments.

Yes, sometimes, liking the doll is not enough to lure us to the program (like Kim Possible, the soaps/movies Erica Kane has been in) although it's great luck for the manufacturers when we do (as in Alice and Dr. Who the new version).