Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jo, Winner of the Sinatra (Barbie) Body

Jo reading Halloween stories to Tawny Tommy, So in Style Kianna, and a few of the other children.

Voila, Jo, formerly from Mattel's Timeless Treasures, When I Read, I Dream line. She won the most votes - 5 out of 6 (Takara's School Girl Kisara took the remaining vote). Jo has removed the black-white check suit - I didn't think that the suit suited her character - and now wears a Spin Master Liv fashion. The Sinatra body gives her a long-legged, teenager look that I find a better fit for her face than the child-body she originally had.

For anyone curious to see Blossom and Kisara with the Sinatra body, here are their photos:

Blossom Unbound

Kisara Jams

Notes: the Sinatra Barbie body feet are longer than the old-style high-heeled Barbie feet, but they are not flat like the Poser feet or large as the BigFoot Barbie feet.

Does anyone else think that Jo looks like a younger sister of Gillian from the Fashion Fever line? I think that I will have mine share that connection.


Niel Camhalla said...

Jo is all grown up! And yes I agree that Jo and Gillian looks like sisters. :)

MissSpottyJane said...

Nice work, it looks like a good match.

Vanessa said...

Good choice! I like the way she turned out. Why does that Blossom look so old. I only remember Blossom being a young girl.

D7ana said...

Thanks, all!

Niel, I think of this Jo as being in her late teens ... maybe 18. Gillian, I would consider about 25. I should do a photo of them together, but I hate to debox Gillian BEFORE I reduce my quantity.

MissSpottyJane, I like the match, too. The head-neck connection is not a perfect match, but I don't want cut into Jo's head to further secure her head onto the Sinatra neck.

Vanessa, I like the leggy teen look of Jo now, too.

I don't know why Blossom looks so old. Maybe it's the black eyeliner and the blue eyeshadow? Her head-neck connector broke when I removed her head from her original body. Sigh. So she'll be in my head tube for a while, until I can find a new body for her.

miladyblue said...

Congrats to Jo on getting the body upgrade! Man, I wish that were possible in real life, because I sure would like to Frankendolly myself!

Marta said...

Hello again from Spain. I love your post today referring to the Halloween party celebrating both there. The photo is lovely with the children. Gillian Joy seem brothers. The new body will fis perfect. We remain in contact blog blog.

D7ana said...

Thanks, MiladyBlue and Marta!

MiladyBlue, I think I would rather "refresh" my own body. It isn't perfect, but I'm accustomed to its quirks ;-D. Someone else's body might be more aesthetically pleasing, but I'd never know what aches, pains, etc. might come with it.

And yes, I like this cool, Halloween-theme topic! But I'll pass on the virgin blood, lol.

Marta, welcome! Folks, you have to stop by Marta's blog, All4Barbie, where she has lovely photographs of her collection. Her dolls are in various diorama settings.

D7ana said...

I'll post a photo showing Jo and Gillian together. I think they look like sisters, too, Marta ;-D