Monday, October 31, 2011

The Other N Word

The word I am about to type may send shock waves through the North American continent. But let us face the reality: some dolls have them. Some action figures have them. Others do not. Approve or disapprove, you may want to know where your next doll or action figure stands on this count. For those who wish to add this feature to your playscale people, I have a link to show you how one doll artist adjusts hers. Here is the word:


There, I typed the word. How many of you are reeling? No one? Good. I was worried about reader reactions because in the United States and possibly Canada and Mexico, nipples are NOT to be SEEN. Does anyone recall the cacophony of horror that erupted about the event 38th Super Bowl game or the more recent event on a reality dance show? Fortunately, I do not watch football games or dance programs so my sight was never impaired by those glimpses of the human female anatomy.

Sometimes, I expose my dolls' and action figures' nipples. Sometimes, I just want to show the doll's or action figure's body stripped so that you can see the proportions without distortion from clothes. I forget that some of the Asian fashion dolls (Ladies Mission and Girl's Mission especially) and action figures (oh, those Power Team guys!) have some breast detailing. Other times, I notice the doll's um definition and I COVER them up. The - you know, other N word. Either with a towel or heavy top. Face red, I think, I cannot show nasty, naughty nipples. Oh, I typed that word again. Tsk.

Back and forth. Nipples are there and should not be considered worse than any other body part; on the other hand, I have to overcome some reluctance to see or to mention them.

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Alrunia said...

Remember that book, "Everyone poops"? Apparently it could use a sequel.
Seriously, regardless of one's views on other things and who they are, hating nipples IS self-loathing.

Dollz4Moi said...

ROTFLMAO..I know some who get in a tizzy over vinyl nipples or any sort of anatomical parts on dolls. I find it laughable and think that it speaks volumes. If vinyl anatomy freaks people out I hope they aren't the same in reality.

I may be in the minority where it doesn't bother me and I shouldn't make light of others phobias. OK I won't laugh in their presence

D7ana said...

Hi Alrunia! I'll have to look that book up ;-D

I can't see hating any part of me. God, now that sounds fatuous, lol. I feel that it would be considered immodest to show my nipples though. Tsk, tsk. Bad form.

Hi Dolls4Moi! I, too, get a little giggle at outraged reactions to doll nudity and to details on nude dolls. Shrug. But I try not to be cruel. No, my shoulders aren't shaking. No, no giggle passed these lips. ;-D