Friday, October 7, 2011

Who Went to Toys R Us Today ... Me!

I think I have been pretty good lately. No big doll purchases, hmmm?

Well, I succumbed to the Toys R Us sale. Got two dolls on their buy one, get one free sale. Alas, not Jack Sparrow. No, not Rock Hudson and Doris Day. No, not the Museum dolls. Hmmm ... which ones?

I'd like to hear your guesses as to which two dolls and/or doll sets I bought today. I'll post the photo of them tomorrow.


Frannie said...

Sinatra and Elvis

CaffeineCowgirl said...

I admit I kinda forgot what should be on the shelves now... (there are too many dolls out, eeek) but now I'm curious! :D *wants to see the pics!*

Vanessa said...

Angelica and Elvis or Sinatra.

D7ana said...

Frannie, one out of two ain't bad ;-D

CaffeineCowgirl - howdy! Dolls from 29.99 to about $79.99 - mostly pink line when I finally got there. Pics actually going up this evening ;-D

Vanessa, one right, one close to my intentions, the third, nope.

Thanks for guessing. I'm impressed by your guesses, how accurate you are.