Monday, November 28, 2011

DAFs Must GO! Accessories Going, Too!

My downsizing might enrich your collection - wink.

This sale has been prompted by Cat of A Doll Affinity's last three posts. Cat posted photos of her friend Julie's doll collection. Okay, we've seen doll collections before, right? Well ... not so many like this. The dolls are set in dioramas that cover most of the walls of an entire room, The Dream Doll Room. Sigh.

I have been feeling a little overwhelmed by the size and makeup of my doll collection. I have too many for the space I have. There are new dolls and action figures I want to add to my collection. Sooooo ... it's time to do some serious exporting. Exiting are a LOT of blond Mackie-faced Fashion Fever Barbies, some duplicate dolls that I have, action figures that I can live without.

(Shoooosshhh! No need to tell anyone that, is there? No, of course not.)

Here is a link to my The DollPage background with a link to my ads including one for the NRFB Integrity Janay/Alysa dolls that I am selling for $15.00 each. Those blond Mackie-faced Fashion Fever dolls are shown here. I will be adding additional dolls, action figures, and accessories.

Note: I will NOT be selling any Hot Toys guys (they're HOT, lol) or my Power Team guys or my Flavas and lots of others. Next to go up are some My Scene playsets, loose furniture in lots, DAF clothes I don't want.

Note 2: I have another set of photos up under Doll Page Album One. Most of the items in that photo album are no longer available. I have to update the album so that the photos remain without the sales info.


miladyblue said...

You need to check the link you left. It took me to the log on page, then rerouted me, and said that I had no listings.

Good luck with your sales!

Vanessa said...

I thought about Janay Print as Danielle's mom. Then I remembered I would have to make her a wedding dress. I'm not sure if she would be a good mom. I think I want to go much older with a little gray hair. Love all the FF outfits. I had to pull myself back. Good luck on your sale. I can't wait to see what is coming. I know I will have to put aside a little budget for this sale.

D7ana said...

Thanks Miladyblue and Vanessa! I appreciate your good wishes for the success of my sale. I announce stuff here so that my online pals can get "first peep."

@ MiladyBlue, I have corrected the problem link ;-) Would NOT help to have items for sale that no could see. Sigh.

@ Vanessa, yes, that Janay is striking. And yes, it would be sad to NOT have Danielle's mom at her wedding. Janay print might have ideas about being made "mother" to an adult child. I think I hear her snort at the thought ;-D

Yes, the Fashion Fever outfits were exciting. I have deboxed some dolls just to get the outfits. LOL

Thanks again, Miladyblue and Vanessa!

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: I see that the collection of Julie marked to us. It very has everything ordered. It is well for removing ideas. If things exceed to you beams good in selling them. We follow in contact of blog blog

D7ana said...

Hi Marta!

Yes, Cat's friend Julie or her doll collection made an impression on lots of us. I need to go through and sell some things. Thanks for wishing me good luck with the sale.