Friday, March 2, 2012

RIP - Davy Jones, My Favorite Monkee

I have a Remco finger puppet of Davy Jones. I cannot find him to post here. If I find that head puppet, I will post it later.


Frannie said...

Davy was my favorite Monkee also.

Miss_Lola_77 said...

I once saw a doll someone had made by putting the Remco Monkee heads on ken doll bodies. It was pretty cute.

D7ana said...

Thanks, Frannie and Miss_Lola_77. He was sooo cute. I used to watch The Monkees when I was a kid. Sigh. Dating myself, I know.

I had thought about putting the Davy and Mickey puppet heads that I had on Ken bodies, too, but never did it because I would have had to alter the neck opening. Lazy me! Miss_Lola_77, if you find that link, please share. Even if the site is no longer up. Might be able to find it on The Wayback Machine.