Monday, April 16, 2012

“A Treasury of Dolls:” Philly's 2012 Black Doll Show

The Philadelphia Doll Museum and Dark Images present

The 23rd International Black Doll Show
“A Treasury of Dolls”
Saturday, May 26, 2012
10 AM - 5 PM

Philadelphia Convention Center
12th and Arch Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Admission cost is $7.00 for adults and $5.00 for seniors or children under 12 years old.

For information about renting tables, making doll donations, or learning about specific activities, please contact Dr. Whiteman at 215-787-0220.

For hotel information, please contact the Hilton Garden Inn (1100 Arch Street) at 215-923-0100.


Chynadoll said...

oh wow! thanks for the info! I will contact for info on getting a table :)

D7ana said...

You're welcome, Chynadoll! It would be great to meet you in person. I'll look for you there.

Ms. Leo said...

Wow! They are back at the Convention Center! I did like the Temple location. It was closer for me but I like the Covention Center too! Thanks for the info. I haven't received my postcard yet.

D7ana said...

I liked the Temple location, too, Ms. Leo. I recall someone slipped on the floor there though so maybe that's why the Show returned to the Convention Center. Shrug. You are welcome ;-D

Georgia Girl said...

I wish I could go. I attended back in 1998 at the convention center. I had so much fun. It was not many fashion dolls there back then...mostly artist dolls. The only fashion dolls I saw were a Candi doll and Pizza Hut Skipper (both of which I purchased). You guys are lucky to live so close.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Thanks for sharing this Dana!


D7ana said...

I wish you could go, too, Georgia Girl. Years ago, when I first attended the Black Doll Show, they did not have any play scale figures. Well, maybe a few, far between. Shrug. The last few years though, they have done better. The collectors there then were into doll artist dolls or antiques - neither of which interested me.

Congratulations on getting the Candi doll and the Pizza Hut Skipper doll there then.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have never tried to buy, sell, or trade collectors before. This is all very new to me but what I am looking for is someone or somewhere to sell my unopend barbies.
Any information you have on saleing my barbies would be great. Thank you, Marissa Wallace.

D7ana said...

BDE left a comment here that got "lost" when I tried to publish it. Thanks for writing, Debbie. Sorry I lost your original comment.

D7ana said...

Hi Marissa Wallace! I am answering you under this post's comments, but I will set up a new post to reply. Thanks for writing.