Friday, May 4, 2012

Smackdown Doll Sale: $8-12 + $12 Postage + Today

Okay, time to get ruthless about reducing my collection. I am tired of tripping over things and feeling that I am missing out on display fun. So it's Sales Time! And here are the terms:

1. Anything that goes under this sale, must be paid today via PayPal. (Only exception: items going outside U.S. - to Canada, Mexico, overseas, etc. Those items will get weighed and must be paid on May 5, 2012.)

2. Select individual dolls will cost $8.00; boxed doll pairs will cost $12.00.

3. Postage in the U.S. is $12.00 for one doll or $12.00 for multiple dolls. Postage to places outside the U.S. will depend on actual costs.

4. This sale ends 10:08 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

5. Availability updates will be posted as a new comment. If something sells, I will mention that sale in a comment under this post.

6. Please send queries as a comment to this post. I will not be publishing the requests. But it'll be easier to monitor the queries if they come in one place.

From my DollPage list, these dolls are under this sale:

Black Fairytale Ken

Skipper Slumber Party set

Kmart Just Girlz

Barbie DOTW: Princess of Holland

These dolls from a previous Sale post:

My Scene Delancey and Nolee - $12.00 for both dolls

Barbie Fashion Fever Wave N - Styled by Me 27084 34555 H0644
Pink-taupe-white-black print shirt; tan miniskirt etc. 

Barbie Fashion Fever Wave R - Modern Trends 27084 33808
Gray-taupe-pink tweed on white jacket

Barbie Fashion Fever Wave R - Modern Trends 27084 29702 H0644 J1326
Purple spangly top; pinstriped faded jeans

Barbie Fashion Fever Wave V 27084 29737 H0644
Peachy pink mini dress w. purple trim at hem etc.

Barbie Fashion Fever Holiday 27084 40589 K0841
Red net over silver dress; silver fox "fur"; red platform heeled sandals etc.

Barbie Fashion Fever 2006 line 27084 44745
Tiered pink knit mini dress; white purse

Barbie Fashion Fever 2007 line 27084 48621
Black bolero jacket w. puff sleeves; pink w. black dots blouse; black capris etc.

Ken Fashion Fever 2006 line 27084 44748 K8411 K8421
Light gray pullover with pink-multi graphic; black messenger bag; blue jeans etc.

Kurt Fashion Fever Wave S Modern Trends  27084 29707 H0644 J1331
Olive-beige multi print long sleeved shirt; distressed black jeans; black boots etc.


My Scene Nolee Just Chillin', 2003

My Scene Goes Hollywood, 2005 2 outfits 

Barbie DOTW: Polish

Bead Blast Barbie, 1997

Birthstone Beauties: May Miss Emerald (Black) 2007

Birthstone Beauties: November Miss Topaz (White) 2007

Barbie as Veronica, 2005

Barbie Diaries Courtney, 2005

Butterfly Art Barbie, 1998 (1 doll)

Butterfly Art Teresa, 1998 (1 doll)

 I Love Lucy: “Job Switching” Lucy & Ethel, 2008. NRFB, $12.00

 Barbie outfit Fashion Trend 2003 Peasant blouse and skirt

Barbie outfit Fashion Trend 2003 Denim halter, leather skirt

Sideshow Collectibles Planet of the Apes (Original) Taylor NRFB


D7ana said...

Barbie outfit Fashion Trend 2003 Peasant blouse and skirt SOLD

D7ana said...

Barbie outfit Fashion Trend 2003 Peasant blouse and skirt is $8.00. Any of the single items listed here or mentioned here with photo elsewhere is $8.00. Anything with two dolls is $12.00.

D7ana said...

Thanks, L, for asking. The Happy Family Hometown Fair Gift set sold some time ago. Sigh. That was a nice set. Wish I had had two of them.

I transferred it to the DAFs Folder because while the photo is grainy, it shows that the set existed.

D7ana said...

Sideshow Collectibles Planet of the Apes (Original) Taylor SOLD