Monday, November 26, 2012

Pssst ... Get Your Mixis Doll for $19.95+ (Postage Not Included)

No, that is not a typo. Yes, you can get any one of the Mixis dolls for only $19.95 - postage NOT included. The ad states that that is 70% off the regular cost. If you can get any of the First Edition dolls, that means you get very cool boots or leather-like loafers or suede boots. You can see photos of the Mixis dolls here under this link.

The only "catch" is that you have to like the Mixis dolls on Facebook first. Small price for a great deal if you are already on Facebook.


Roville said...

Thanks for the info. These girls are well worth a consideration.

Vanessa said...

That's awesome! I like first edition Rosa the best and thought about adding her. Looks like First Edition dolls aren't articulated. Is that correct? If only I needed another doll.....

D7ana said...

You are welcome, ladies.

@Robin - I am happy with the dolls I have. They have nose bridges and fuller lips and fuller bodies. If only they had better articulation, but as Roxanne has shown us with her Opal.

@Vanessa - The 1st edition Rosa is my fave, too. Still ;-)

First Edition have shoulder joints, hip joints, and bend knees like Barbie used to have, but NO articulation at the elbows. Sunshine Edition have jointed elbows. BUT the 1st edition dolls have the denim separates - in Rosa's case a denim mini skirt, cotton tank, and cool brown zipped boots. Please see the photos at the bottom of my eBay Mixis guide for details of the footwear.

If I could only get one, I would go with 1st edition Rosa for her look and her outfit. First Edition Emerald or Opal would be my next choices for outfit bang; they have the leather-like boots in black for Emerald and the leather-like mocassins for Opal.

If you think of it as getting a great head sculpt and an outfit, that might ease the pain about the body not being fully articulated. Might ;-)

Roville said...

Your guide on eBay is excellent! I got a better sense of the body size and shoe size, both which present a challenge for me but, still, I am soooooooo tempted by Opal with the cap wig. Gorgeous! This company did a fabulous job with the sculpts and fashions.

D7ana said...

Thanks, Robin! If I had to choose between the straight-haired and the curly-haired (cap wig) Opals, I would definitely go with the cap wigged Opal. I like the texture difference and the curls ;-D

Good luck with whichever Mixis doll you get - if any ;-)

Back Row Girl said...

Hi! This seems like a cool deal, but I have a question - what scale are these dolls? And does their clothing fit dolls like Momoko?

Thanks in advance!