Friday, May 31, 2013

Asian-Pacific American DAFs List Delayed

The Asian-Pacific American (APA) fashion doll and action figure list will be published in two posts. First post would be manufacturers 21st Century to L; second post would cover M and C Toys to YNU Group. I am trying to decide whether to post photos separately - text and links in the post with the photos separate in another post. Hmmm ... Also, I am trying to decide whether I want to list dolls and figures that are specifically APA or if I am going to cheat a little by including Asian-looking dolls and figures that can become APA for enthusiasts wanting more representation. Sigh. Maybe my using the verb "cheat" answers my problem.


Carrickters said...

Whatever you decide to do, it sounds like an exhaustive list and a valuable resource. It also sounds like a lot of research work - and I'm glad you're doing it so we can benefit.

D7ana said...

Hi and thanks, Carrickters!

See I get entangled in semantics. Suddenly, I'm wondering which dolls count as "Asian/Pacific Americans." The ones that look APA or the ones that are designated APA. And what about Mattel's Asian doll entries that are under the Dolls of the World category? So I am likely going to do two posts. One for specifically designated APA or being the Asian American version of a standard Barbie like the Asian American Barbie for President dolls. The other, for dolls that are Asian from overseas that can become APA by grace of a collector/enthusiast's decision. That will be a larger list.