Saturday, November 9, 2013

Studio 126's Action Figure Hand Replacement Tutorial

How many of you - like me - have at least one ham-fisted Power Team or glove-hand Action Man whose hands you would like to upgrade to "normal?" If you would like to see a tutorial on how to replace those over-sized mitts, check Studio 126's post on his Adventures in Playscale blog.

May you enjoy the photos.


Muff said...

Thanks for that link! I don't use a hair dryer so it's good to know that I can give hot water a try for separating joints.

Studio 126 said...

The latest Petes [Power Teamers] already have removable hands. Their trouble is bare hands (with matching skin color) are difficult to find. I think the earlier version of the PTs had removable hands [for dressing], too, but mine are all bare-handed.

D7ana said...

Hi Muff and Studio 126 - and thanks for commenting!

@Muff - I love how much I can learn seeing different kitbashers at work. Great way to expand techniques ;-)

@Studio 126 - I prefer human hands to gloves so that upgrade sounds great to me. Alas, several of mine have gloved hands and a few - two I can think of off the top of my head - have those early ham fists.

I need to see what hands I have on - "hand," lol, yes, I went there. So that my guys can have bare hands. Tiresome to have so many of them with a backstory of hand damage resulting in 24/7 glove use ;-)

Oh and the PT guys are called, "Petes?" That is cute.

Studio 126 said...

@D7ana- I use nicknames a type of shorthand for different figure types. Some are already established (within their genre). Others I make up as needed. Other people can use them, if they want to, but don't have to.

My current index of nicknames can be found at Sextiliana, the Playscale Wiki

Studio 126 said...

@D7ana- ...and thanks for your "gripping" response. ;)

D7ana said...

@Studio 126 - oh, I like nicknames. I "created" "DAF" myself for doll and action figure. So as not to leave one or the other out ;-)

Thanks for the link to other nicknames.

You're welcome. The guys must get tired of always "gripping," lol.