Monday, December 9, 2013

A Midnight Magic Pets Collection Doll I Almost Bought

Midnight Magic Pets Collection Alexis and Pet Owl Snowy

Last year's Midnight Magic dolls were clearly based on Mattel's Monster High series.  They were a little cute. I didn't buy them, but I looked at them and smiled. (Yes and that pleased everyone, lol.) This year's Midnight Magic Pets Collection borrows the vivid, sparkly-translucent bodies of the Novi Star dolls and the odd-scaled pets of that series. And I winced, shuddered, and turned my head when I saw the first 2013 Midnight Magic doll, Alexis. Why?

Translucent head

Translucent, sparkly body

Odd-sized pet

Ten dollar price

Then I saw the Makayla doll from this series.

Midnight Magic Pets Collection Makayla and Pet ? Persia

Oh, now this one is much cuter. I LOVE her curly white hair with orange highlights. The translucent brown face does not seem as ghastly as the pink, green, and blue heads. But the glittery, bone-thin body takes away the pluses for me. So I did not buy her.

If you would like to see more photos of this and other Midnight Magic collections, see

MM website

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Photos of these dolls

Happy viewing!


lindaivette montes de oca said...

Qué interesante, espero verlas por acá pronto.

D7ana said...

Hola Lindaivette Montes de Oca! Me alegro de que haya encontrado estas muñecas interesante. Yo estaré por aquí;-)

Presto said...

I actually bought the Makayla doll awhile back, and ended up a bit disappointed. Her glittery overskirt on her dress is only on the front, and from what I can tell her rooting is pretty thin. I rather wish I hadn't bought her, but she was so pretty in the package!

Muff said...

I wanna say that I like them, because I kinda do, but they are also making me wince.

If they were $5 I would be all over them.

Dollz4Moi said...

I've seen these dolls and have passed on them. They could've been winners for me but I find them cheap and they should be cheaper than $10.

Kudos to those who really like the dolls. I love being a collector. I love seeing everything that's out there :O)

D7ana said...

Hi Presto, Muff, and Dollz4moi!

I, too, welcome variety among our dolls and figures, but between the cheesiness of these dolls and their price, I don't see buying them. Shrug. There are so many DAFs out there that I do want.

j/a/s/o/n said...

Just a heads up, all toys are now buy one get one 50% off at Family Dollar. I picked up all four 2nd wave "basic" MM girls for $3.75 a piece. I also bought one of the glittery "deluxe" Makaylas and a first wave Bratzillaz Meyganna for $7.50 each. I deboxed Makayla, and the body seems to be an improvement from the 1st wave MM dolls I have read about on the blogs. I like her, and I feel the $7.50 is justified. Also, my local FD had a lot of other knock-offs in stock, from La Dee Da look alikes to strange Novi star inter-galactic babies. I plan to keep Meyganna for some hair experiments, but the MM girls will most likely end up at a toy drive. If Makayla is any indication, the arm and head articulation has vastly improved from the 1st wave dolls, though they still have click knees. Not bad for $5. Quite good for $3.75!
oh, and my FD had the Kenya fashion dolls marked down. Unfortunately I cannot remember WHAT they were marked down to (not bargain basement, but not the original $20 price), but they were part of the BOGO promotion as well.

j/a/s/o/n said...

...I was just pulling the price tags off of my Midnight Magic girls for the toy drive and realized my Kayley has two right hands. I'm not sure if this is a fluke, but keep your eyes open if you decide to purchase any of these gals. Now I'm torn over donating her to some unsuspecting child. It looks like I'll be headed back to FD in the morning!

D7ana said...

Hi j/a/s/o/n and thanks for sharing these sales tips. Yikes, two right hands - tsk. Now that was careless of somebody. Glad that you aren't giving that one to a kid.

Reminds me, I need to set aside some dolls to donate. Yay, Jason!

Carrickters said...

It's always fascinating to see what is available in other areas and doesn't make it to Australia. Although I have noticed that some of the clone dolls you've all been writing about are beginning to appear here. So maybe these will eventually appear.

Eve*Sparkle said...

I wish I could find these for nice prices here in the UK, I think they are kind of cute, as a weird way :)

D7ana said...

Hi Carrickters and Eve*Sparkle!

@Carrickters - I'm glad that more of these clone dolls are appearing in Australia. Yay globalization.

@Eve*Sparkle - I was tempted, ;-) They are a little cute. Hope they reach the UK AND that you can find them on sale.