Thursday, May 22, 2014

Barbie De-Boxed: Escada Barbie and Other De-Boxed Dolls

Barbie De-Boxed: Escada Barbie: I remember admiring the Escada Barbie at Myer Melbourne when I first started collecting, but couldn’t afford the steep A$150 price tag o...

Want to see some de-boxed Barbie dolls and read comments about them? While this blog has not been updated, it popped up while I was doing doll research. Title: Barbie De-Boxed. I clicked through the pages. Had fun. Thought, hey, I need to share this with others. The photos are clear and well-done. Nice to see some dolls out of the box; it's tempting me to de-box some of mine.


jSarie said...

I hadn't known of that blog before, but it looks like it'll be an interesting one to read through the archives of.

Thanks for pointing it out!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: thanks for your recommendation. I like Escada Barbie. Very pretty and elegant. Keep in touch

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Thank you for the link! Every time I find a new-to-me doll blog, I enjoy going back through the archives to look at all the previous pictures and posts. This sounds like it will be a fun one.

I personally can't imagine having the willpower to keep dolls in their boxes!

D7ana said...

Hi jSarie, Marta, and Barb the Evil Genius! My pleasure, finding and sharing different links. You are always welcome to enjoy them as I do ;-)

@jSarie - this blog is "new-to-me," too. She has some dolls that I have but that I have not yet de-boxed (James Bond Barbie and Ken). Setting me up for some fun anticipation!

@Marta - I used to want the Escada Barbie. She is very pretty. Elegant is another good word for her.

I will keep in touch so that I do not miss your delightful dioramas ;-)

@Barb - oh, yes, we HAVE to check out the archives. See what happened before to not miss anything.

I was able to keep dolls in their boxes by buying scads of them in a short time and then promising myself that I will open the others at some special time in the future. Or how could I ever re-capture the look that Mattel or some other manufacturer made in packaging the doll.

Now? I'm thinking life is short, grab as much fun out of my dollies as I can. No, I am not ill - just seeing how others "play with" their dolls has me thinking, if not now, when? So I am going to be de-boxing and/or selling, too.

BlackKitty said...

It's a pretty cool blog but it appears to be defunct :( Do you know if there will be any more posts?

Carrickters said...

It's good to see another Australian and particularly Victorian doll blogger. Looks like a very interesting blog - thanks for the link.

lindaivette montes de oca said...

Gracias por compartir, un beso.

D7ana said...

Hi/hola BlackKitty, Carrickters, and Lindaivette montes de oca.

@BlackKitty - alas, I do not know if there will be new posts. I do not see a contact link for her. However, she has a second blog that has a March 2014 post so she might return to the Barbie blog.

@Carrickters - yay, glad to share the link. You are totally welcome to it ;-)

Wouldn't it be cool if the Australian blogger lived near you? Might happen ;-D

@Lindaivette - Ha sido un placer compartir. Gracias por leerme. Un gran abrazo.