Saturday, May 24, 2014

Takara Jenny Friends Who Are Staying

I am late on sharing my ethnic American doll posts. I don't want to re-hash the same lists so I am trying something different this year. You'll see the results soon. In the mean time, here are some Takara Jenny friends who represent some of my Asian fashion dolls. Many of you will recognize Takara as one of the Japanese toy manufacturers who worked with Mattel to promote the sale of Barbie in Japan. These are some of the Takara girls I want to keep and why.

I have below one Kisara, two Linas, and one Meiren who fall in this category. Let's start with Firefighter Kisara from the Calendar Girl: The Uniforms of History series from 2002.

Takara Calendar Girl Kisara as Firefighter
Takara Calendar Girl Kisara

Kisara is one of my favorite Jenny friends. So although I was tempted to NOT open her box, I opened her box. (Insert wry face.) The plastic around her head is intact. She has not yet been removed from the box. I wanted you to see here as close to NRFB as possible minus the glare on the box.

Takara Calendar Girl Kisara face
Takara Calendar Girl Kisara close up

I love the coloring of this Kisara. She's got an ivory complexion against chocolate brown hair, brown eyes, and a dark rose lip color. I like the costume, too. It is an antique fireman's uniform. I would feel anxious if I were putting out fires while wearing something that billowy, but I like the colors, the way the fabric drapes, and the smooth texture. That's why - unfortunately for her - I still have her in that outfit although I *know* that it has stained her body. All that dark cotton. Yes, we *know* without looking. Sigh. But I really like this doll, her outfit, and the overall look.

Next up: Lina, another of my favorite Jenny friends.

Takara Chinese Lina in Pink Qi Pao Gown
Takara Chinese Lina, Jenny's older friend

Takara Licca Club 67 Lina
Takara Licca Club 67 Lina

Two wise Lina dolls. Lina is an older friend of Jenny. Don't you think that she looks as though she understands how and why people act the way they do? My Linas both have Jenny 18 bodies. (Jenny 18 bodies are a little taller and more buxom than the basic Jenny 17 bodies.) 

The first doll with glossy black Princess Leia-style braids is called "Chinese" Lina. No, I did not give "Chinese" Lina that title: that is her description. She wears her original fashion, a pink brocade qi pao gown. It looks great on her - so I have been reluctant to find something else for her to wear. 

The ash blond Lina doll is from the Licca Club 67 series. Licca Club 67 are/were special order dolls: I contacted a dealer and let that person know that I wanted that doll. This Lina wears a My Scene Barbie outfit that I thought looks great against her dusty pale coloring. What I like about her coloring is that it looks as though she were a brunette who dyed her hair a blond color that does not exist in nature. Takes moxie to dye your hair that kind of color. I redressed her in that outfit years ago and re-boxed her to protect her from dust. Her original outfit was a white, one-piece knit swimsuit.

The last doll to be discussed today is Meiren.

Takara Meiren fashion doll
Takara Brown Box Meiren

She's got a lovely red-brown hair color, warm brown eyes, and a pink-peach complexion. When I first saw her, I did not like this doll. She looked like a snoopy Chatty Cathy. Notice those big, round, all-seeing eyes? Then I realized she didn't look malicious. She looks curious and eager to share whatever she has learned whenever that's convenient. Like now, ha ha. Meiren has become one of my favorite Jenny friends. The Kisaras and the Linas have quieter looks, but for liveliness, you can't beat Meiren.


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: beautiful dolls. I do not have any in my collection. In my country, these dolls are not for sale. Keep in touch

MissSpottyJane said...

They're all very nice choices. Brown box Meirin is also one of my own favorites. I also didn't like her initially, but bought one on impulse and loved her in person.

Muff said...

I actually like Kisara the most out of all of them. She's got that junior reporter look as though she's always on a story and ready to expose corporate shenanigans.

jSarie said...

They're all such nice-looking dolls! It's interesting that the Meiren's face looks (at least to me like such a different style than the others.

D7ana said...

Hi Marta, MissSpottyJane, Muff, and jSarie!

@Marta - I've bought all of my Jenny series dolls from dealers or other collectors. She is not sold in the U.S. either.

@MissSpottyJane - congrats to you; she is an unexpected charmer, this Meiren.

@Muff - I like the idea of Kisara as a junior reporter. A black-haired Kisara I have has been working to uncover evil doings at a temp agency.

@jSarie - I think that they're attractive, too. Meiren looks a little more cartoony than the others. She also looks the most youthful and the most innocent. Or maybe because she's got the most basic outfit - just a swimsuit. Do you think those factors make her different from the others?

Anderson's All-Purpose said...

Most Jenny dolls are a bit to saccarine for my taste, but there are a few I like, and the calendar girls in particular have some great outfits (like your Kisara, and the one dressed like a samurai). Meirin is really cute, she reminds me a bit of Disney's Snow White actually.

D7ana said...

Hi Anderson's All-Purpose!

Yes, I agree that usually the Jenny dolls are very sweet - sometimes too sweet. I love their accessories and the slightly tart ones like Kisara and Lina.

Meirin is cute. I had not thought of her as being similar to Snow White. I need to check them side-by-side ;-)

Alan said...

I just finished deciding today to get a Licca-chan! I don't normally like "normal" dolls but Licca-chan has a more stylized Kawaii/Anime look that I really like. I am a little worried about the body articulation though. I have heard that sometimes the wire armature can split the hollow rubber body when being bent. How do you find the articulation?

D7ana said...

Hi Alan! I don't have any Licca-chan dolls, but I once had two PG-bodied Shion dolls. I think that the Licca bodies resemble that body - wire overature under "fleshtone" vinyl. I did not pose those dolls much because I was worried that the wire might come through.

Most of the Jenny and Jenny friends dolls that I have have TNT Barbie-style articulation: they are jointed at the shoulders, the hips, and the neck with bend knees and twist waists. A few are articulated to have elbows poseable as well. I need to check on my Mitsuki and my Uno Kanda dolls for wrist articulation.

Your Licca might have that PG type body or she might have the Barbie-style body. I am aware of Liccc-chan, but the closest I got to having her was a Tomy Pretty Lisa that I had years ago. That doll had the skinniest legs I have ever seen on any fashion doll.

This gives me an idea to do a doll body post. Thanks for asking ;-)

I have to keep my eyes open on Tumblr - that Miniature Elephant Art Car Prototype you are working on looks exciting even in rough draft.

D7ana said...

Oops, "overature" should have been typed as "armature."

And I hope you enjoy your Licca-chan doll, Alan. She will have that Anime look ;-)

Alan said...

Thanks for the tumblr mention. The Elephant Art car is on hold, materials are quite an investment and I am trying to focus on my sewing skills.

Thanks for the info. I thought Jenny had the same body as Licca-chan. A doll body post would be very useful!

D7ana said...

Hey Alan! You're welcome. I'll post a link to share that Elephant Art car whenever you get to doing it. Best wishes for your sewing projects. Practice makes all things better. (I know cause I have been out of practice sewing.) Shrug.

An additional source showing comparison photos of teenage dolls is Roxanne's Dolls. I saw two Licca bodies at this site - I checked because I am nosey about doll bodies, lol.