Monday, October 13, 2014

Hispanic and Latino Doll/Action Figure List

Haschel Toys Olga Tanon and Bbi Sargent Mendez
Olga Tanon and Sargent Mendez

Jakks Pacific Valerie (Rosario Dawson)

Integrity Toys Street Fusion Alysa 2004 (Dealer version)
Integrity Toys Street Fusion Alysa (Dealer version)

Mattel Kelly Club Tea Party Nia
Mattel Kelly Club Tea Party Nia

Here is my list of Hispanic and Latino dolls and action figures.

ARM Enterprise

Selena Quintanilla


Perfect Body Female Action Figure
Perfect Body

Male Action Figure
Sargent Mendez

Chic Boutique

Chicas a la Moda Arianna
Glamour Girl Flower Power

Get Real Girl


Get Set Club



G. I. Joe (various)
Master Sergeant Roy P. Benavidez
Carmen 'Raya' Alonso, drummer JEM
Rio Pacheco, manager JEM

Haschel Toys

Olga Tanon

Hot Toys

Bronze TrueType male figure
True Type Cuban American female



Jakks Pacific

Fashion Doll: Muneca de Mode Catalina
Fashion Doll: Muneca de Mode Damita
GirlForce Bianca
GirlForce Lola 
GirlForce Natalie (Cameron Diaz) "Charlie's Angels"
GirlForce Valerie (Rosario Dawson) "Josie and the Pussycats"
Maleficient (Angelina Jolie)

Kenya's World

Ariana* (Thanks Smaller Places for sharing this new series!)


Jessica Alba head


I-Girl Rio


Alex Russo (Selena Gomez) "Wizards of Waverly Place"
Generation Girl Ana Suarez
ChaCha "Grease"
Barbie and the Rockers Derek
Desi Arnaz
Gabriella "High School Musical"
Jennifer Lopez
Kelly (David's Bridal Perfect Pair)
Li'l Friends of Kelly Marisa
Model of the Moment Marisa
So in Style Marisa
Kelly Club Nia
My Scene Nia
Flavas P. Bo
Rebelde Diego Bustamante
Rebelde Giovanni Mendez
Rebelde Lupita Fernandez
Rebelde Mia Colucci
Rebelde Miguel Arango
Rebelde Roberta Pardo
V.I.P. Selena Gomez
Tommy (David's Bridal Perfect Pair)

Mega Star

Ricky Martin

One World Project

Prettie Girl Valencia

Play Along Ltd., Division of Jakks Pacific

Cheetah Girls Chanel
Cheetah Girls Dorinda

Playmates Toys Inc.

Ever Girl

R&D Dolls



Disco Juanita


Teacher Taylor


Liv Daniela


Samba Jenny
Samba Kisara

Tiger Toys

A.C. Slater (Mario Lopez) "Saved by the Bell"

Totem International

Carlos, Billy's Pierto Rican boyfriend  (Thanks, Roxanne, for the reminder!)

Toy Biz

Sue Richards (Jessica Alba) "The Fantastic Four"


Manuel, wife, and baby


Christina Aguilera

YNU Group Inc.

Rosa Dominguez Katz "Mixis"


Male Doll World said...

Wow. I did not realized that it was so many dolls and action figures that celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. Thanks

D7ana said...

Hi Male Doll World! My pleasure to share. There are some that I missed - like your Carlito. I'll be putting up a post showing some of these and other figures.

Smaller Places said...

Eep eep eep -- MUCH looking forward to pictures! I had no idea the list would be so long.

Have you ever encountered a line called Ariana - Everyday Fashion? I just this second found it on the TRU web site while browsing "ethnic dolls." It looks like the $9.99 dolls are Sparkle Girlz-level basic and the $24.99 have at least elbow articulation. Some are definitely Hispanic.

I know NOTHING about it and probably won't go anywhere near TRU before Friday (if then).

Georgia Girl said...

Wow! Nice collection of dolls. I have heard of most, but some I had not.

I was not aware that Candi is Hispanic. Do you own most of these dolls?

Jewell said...

Wow, what a list! Several of these dolls and action figures are new to me. I can't wait for pictures. Our collection of Hispanic dolls is small but growing.

Muff said...

Holy crap, that's a lot! Cant wait for the pics.

D7ana said...

Hi and THANKS for your comments Smaller Plaes, Georgia Girl, Jewell, and Muff!

@Smaller Places - wow, you KNOW how to bring zest to a post! No, I had not heard of the "Ariana Everyday Fashion" doll before you mentioned her. She seems to be a new addition to the Kenya doll line. Pause to Snoopy dance - so excited. High five salute. You rock!

@Georgia Girl - yes, I know many of these dolls are familiar - and yay for the Internet. Glad to share any new stuff.

Candi Hispanic? Can you pull up a chair? Helene Hamilton began her Candi line with black dolls, but she added Asian, Hispanic, Swedish, Danish, Russian, and Israeli dolls. Yes, I have and/or am fortunate to have owned several of these dolls. You can see some of my Candi dolls here.

@Jewell - glad to share new dolls and figures. I would LOVE to see your dolls. I'm nosy like that ;-)

@Muff - thanks for your enthusiasm. I wasn't crazy about some of the photos I took earlier today. I'll take more and better ones tomorrow.

RoxanneRoxanne said...

Thank you for this extensive list! Of the ones that you mentioned, I have 7 (and one on the way). I don't know if you'll want to add him, but Carlos (Billy doll) is also Hispanic. He's kind of ummmm, large for 1/6 scale though.

D7ana said...

Hi RoxanneRoxanne! Glad to share the list. How could I forget Carlos?! I've added him to the list.

BTW, I would LOVE to see your Hispanic collection. Should you have the time and inclination ...

billa's dolls and fashions said...

They are a lot! I love Rosario, she is gorgeous!

RoxanneRoxanne said...

So I'm gathering my group of Hispanic dolls for their upcoming photo shoot and I have a question: did you mean Flavas Tika is Hispanic, instead of P. Bo? If not, isn't Tika also Hispanic?

And an addition to your list: Triad Alpha Hispanic.

D7ana said...

Hi Billa's Dolls and Fashions and RoxannneRoxannne!

@Billa's Dolls and Fashions - yes, there are :-) Rosario sends her thanks for the compliment.

@RoxannneRoxannne - I read somewhere that P Bo was Hispanic; I'll need to check for confirmation ;-)

I thought that Tika has a South Asian background, but I do not recall what - if any - ethnicity Mattel assigned to her. Although she is the light-medium brown sometimes reserved for Hispanic dolls, I don't recall a Hispanic identity attached to her. That doesn't mean she can't be Hispanic though: sometimes, Mattel likes to play the ambiguous card.

Thanks for the Triad reminder. I look forward to your Hispanic doll post ;-)