Monday, December 1, 2014

December Themes and Catching Up on Past Themes


That phrase will appear a lot this month. I want to complete viable post drafts. Get better photos up. Like this photo of Dragon Ben Yahzee (Adam Beach) and Mattel Barbie Princess of the Navajo that was to have been part of my Native American doll and action figure post. I think they look great together.

Dragon Ben Yahzee (Adam Beach) and Mattel Barbie Princess of the Navajo
Dragon Ben Yahzee (Adam Beach) and Mattel Barbie Princess of the Navajo

Other topics I want to address this month:

December 17 Chanukah/Hanukkah 

December 21 December Solstice

December24 Christmas Eve

December 25 Christmas

December 26 Kwanzaa

December31 New Year's Eve

Happy December, all!


Anonymous said...

Hi D7ana, a Happy December to you too :-). That's a lovely couple on the picture! I see you have again interesting topics to look forward to!

Phyllis said...

Very nice photo. Looking forward to seeing the posts on your topics list. It will be a busy blog month for you!

D7ana said...

Hi and thanks, Night Owl and Phyllis! I was pleased how that photo came out. Here's to fun posts for us all.

Smaller Places said...

Excellent photo -- Barbie Princess of the Navajo has a fine face-up, and the lighting enhances it.

Much looking forward to the catch-up posts, though I'll admit a little relief that the October slate of topics was too much to squeeze into October. I'm not the only person with insufficient hours in the day for all the ideas.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

The Navajo princess is a great doll. Congrats for owning her!

December 21st is special for me because it is Daughter 1's birthday. We used to joke about her birthday being the end of the world.

I'm looking forward to your catch-up posts too. I have so much catching-up to do, I hardly know where to start.

jSarie said...

Happy December!

I hadn't realized there were Windtalkers figures - very cool to see!

billa's dolls and fashions said...

Hi D7ana! Happy December to you too!
The picture came out beautifully. I really look forward for this month's posts.

Jewell said...

That's a lovely photo. Barbie Princess of the Navajo is beautiful. The list of December topics looks/sounds good.

Muff said...

"It's beginning to look a lot like Winter Solstice everywhere we go..." *singing*

I like the photo but it looks like that Lea mold was used for so many ethnicities.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Great plans. Nice pic. I love this Barbie. Keep in touch

D7ana said...

Hi Smaller Places, Barb the Evil Genius, jSarie, Billa's Dolls and Fashions, Jewell, Muff and Marta!

@Smaller Places - ah, but it's better to want more time than to want ideas ;-)

@Barb the Evil Genius - I am glad that I got the Navajo Princess Barbie. She's striking.

Daughter 1's birthday would make December 21st special ;-)

We'll catch up as best we can.

@jSarie - oh, yes, Dragon created figures for the 3 main characters. You can get a nude Ox Anderson figure from Old Joe Infirmary for $14.95 before postage. There's a Corporal Enders figure, too. I can recommend that vendor.

@Jewell - thanks ;-)

I hope the December topics live up to expectations.

@Muff - Mattel has certainly got back whatever they invested in the making of the Lea mold.

We've got the Winter Solstice and the winter holidays going full blast here, too. The sights, sounds, and smells, too, lol.

@Marta - thanks! She's one of my favorite Barbies.

I'll definitely keep in touch; can't miss your lovely doll displays ;-)

Ms. Leo said...

I love the guy in this photo! He is very handsome! I have the Navajo Barbie but not the original outfit. I love her skirt. I am not going to lie and say I will make one. Kwanzaa, Christmas and New Year's Eve seem do-able for me. I don't think I could do all the ones you mentioned.

carmen gutierrez said...

Que preciosaaaa imagen es una pareja chulisima, besosss

D7ana said...

Hi Ms. Leo! Good to hear from you. Yes, he's handsome, Mr. Yahzee (Beach). I added a link to actor Adam Beach's Wikipedia page.

Regarding the December topics, I want to do them. Actually doing though, we'll see ;-) I will enjoy your posts, I'm sure.

@Carmen Gutierrez - Estoy de acuerdo - gracias por el cumplido, besosss.

Georgia Girl said...

This is one of my favorite faces. I have never seen the male doll. They make a great looking couple.

D7ana said...

Hi Georgia Girl! I love the versatility of this mold. The guy is an action figure so he didn't have the same coverage as Ken. I was pleased how well they look together ;-)

Vanessa said...

Nice looking couple. She is gorgeous. I love that mold. I'm looking forward to all of your upcoming posts. I may not get to them until January with my current crazy schedule.

D7ana said...

Hi Vanessa! Always good to see you online. Glad to share posts you'll enjoy when you can read them. Hope you catch some breaks this busy season ;-)