Sunday, January 18, 2015

Seeking a Quick Martin Luther King Day Project? Philly Locals Only

I had not mentioned Martin Luther King Day as a January holiday, have I? No. 

The 6th District Police Department is hosting a children's book drive for their Martin Luther King service day project this year. Well, Greater Philadelphia residents and/or visitors can help by leaving any new or gently used children's books at 

Happily Ever After
1010 Pine Street
(on "Antique Row" between
10th and 11th Streets)
Philadelphia, PA 19107 

BEFORE 5 p.m. today, January 18th. You will need to call to confirm that someone is there before you go. (They usually open around 11:00 a.m. Their telephone number is 1-215-627-5790.)

Why am I happy about this?

1. I got an early start on an 2015 Martin Luther King service day project!

2. I left six near-new Smartees career books for some children to enjoy.

3. I reduced my doll stuff!

Yay! Happy dance ... well in a few hours after I've had some rest. 

 Here are 3 of the books:


Vanessa said...

I like the idea of a book drive. Kids definitely don't read enough. Hand clap to you for reducing your doll stuff. Keep it going.

Anonymous said...

A good initiative, the more children that read more, the better! And keep up the reducing :-)!!

D7ana said...

Hi Vanessa and Night Owl!

"Reading is fundamental" still rings true. The nonprofit and individuals work to keep kids reading.

Yes, I'm reducing. Determined to fully enjoy my collection this year.

The grandmommy said...

Sounds like a great project! I like that the police are doing it. We may end up with three new doll collectors! Then, you would really be able to get your dolly stuff down. lol

D7ana said...

Hi The Grandmommy! Would be neat if more young collectors were to become interested ;-)

Georgia Girl said...

You donated some great books. I can remember having book drives when I was a child. I have always been a reader and to this day have a huge collection of books. I'm sure you made some little girls happy. : ) Congratulations on reducing your doll collection.

D7ana said...

Hi Georgia Girl! Oh yes, school book drives. Like you, I was a "bookworm" - remember that term ;-) The Smartees books are entertaining and educational reads - I read them myself, lol. I hope that whoever gets the books enjoys them.

Thanks - I'm glad to finally be reducing.