Monday, April 6, 2015

National Tartan Day - Celebrating Scottish Americans

On April 4th 2008, President George Bush signed a Presidential Proclamation making April 6th National Tartan Day. I recently learned about this holiday when I checked for diversity month updates. I have no known Scottish roots (paging Dr. Henry Louis Gates); does that matter? No. Tartan is the cloth pattern associated with Scotland. I have two guys wearing tartan kilts. Here are my kilt-wearing guys, Tommy and High School Musical Ryan.

Mattel High School Musical Ryan and Mattel Scottish Tommy in kilts
Mattel High School Musical Ryan and Mattel Scottish Tommy in kilts

Mattel High School Musical Ryan wearing a kilt
Mattel High School Musical Ryan wearing a kilt

Back view of Mattel High School Musical Ryan's kilt
Mattel's version of a kilt, back view

Mattel Scottish Tommy wearing a kilt
Mattel Scottish Tommy in his kilt

Mattel has produced a few versions of Scottish-themed Barbies - 1981, 1991, 2006, 2009,  and 2011. (I had a Scottish Barbie, but I sold her many years ago.) They have also produced Merida from Disney's Brave and Monster High Lorna McNessie. If Mattel's version(s) of Scottish offend your tastes, try this link to a kilt pattern for G.I. Joe. The seamstresses among you can alter that pattern to fit Ken and/or other figures.

You can read more about Scottish Americans on Wikipedia. Or you can read more about Tartan Day celebrations in general. My favorite contributions from Scottish Americans are fried chicken, Campbell's soups, Kellogg's cereals, and some Doritos. Tasty and convenient!

I think I know what question you might have for these guys, but I'll wait to see if you do. If you have any comments or would like to share links to your Scottish dolls and/or action figures, please do so.


billa's dolls and fashions said...

Tommy is really cute!
well Mattel's tartan doesn't exactly offend me but the back view isn't really flattering, LOL!

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: I really like your dolls. Your photos are great.Keep in touch.

Smaller Places said...

"Did Mattel really just top-stitch the waist and not put it on a waistband?" is probably not the question you were looking for.

"Would a pompom make a decent sporran?" probably isn't it, either.

I did look for tartan at both Walmart on Friday and Goodwill on Saturday -- because I am a total follower -- but they had zippo, nada.

Ms. Leo said...

I have the HSM Ryan but not the kilt! Book. I love your guys!

D7ana said...

Hi Billa's dolls and fashions, Marta, Smaller Places, and Ms. Leo!

@Billa's dolls and fashions - Tommy is a cutie. I almost felt embarrassed for Ryan. That is a most unflattering back view ;-P

@Marta - glad you like the dolls. Thanks for the photo comment ;-)

@Smaller Places - ha ha, you are a true total follower 'cause those aren't the question I expected, lol. Let me answer your asked questions:

"Did Mattel really just top-stitch the waist and not put it on a waistband?"

Bing! You know Mattel. They hemmed the waist and the skirt. On the wrong side, the pleats are sewn in place and there's a "self-waistband" of sorts. :-P

I'll try to get a clearer photo of the inside, the sewing details and upload that.

"Would a pompom make a decent sporran?"

I don't see a pompom as a working sporran. Check these photos.

Thanks for looking for tartan; that would have been a cool piece ;-)

@Ms. Leo - this is my third HSM Ryan. Groan. I need to find two of the deboxed ones and the NRFB kilt one that I have, lol.

The guys send their love; they don't appear often so it's a treat for them to get fans ;-)

april_n_paris said...

Those tartans are HOT!!!!

The grandmommy said...

I liked both outfits before I saw the insides of Ryan's. LOL Do you have a weight set in your things he can use?
Tommy looks just like a little boy I know by that name...freckles and all!

Muff said...

I have Scottish dolls and didn't even know it. I did not see Brave nor was I interested in whatever the story was but I did get the Merida and Mom set when they were on sale at TRU for $5. I should probably read the back of the box, lol.

limbe dolls said...

It was neat to see Ryan in his kilt. I didn't know there was a national tartan day. Thanks for enlightening us.

D7ana said...

Hi April_n_paris, The grandmommy, Muff, and Limbe Dolls!

@April_n_paris - the guys thank you ;-)

@The grandmommy - lol. Ryan does look a little pudgey. We've got weights, but he says that's not his thing ;-)

@Muff - wow! What a find - Merida AND Mom for $5.00. Cool.

@Limbe Dolls - glad you liked seeing Ryan in his kilt. I didn't know there was a national tartan day until the other day. My pleasure, sharing. You are welcome ;-)

Barb the Evil Genius said...

I have that Scottish Tommy, but then I think he came in the same pack as the Mexican Kelly. I may have to get a Ryan.

Muff, I'm jealous of your Merida/Mom find. The Scottish accents in Brave were so thick, you could cut them with a knife. :) Not that they weren't appropriate for the film. Billy Connolly and late-night host Craig Ferguson voiced two of the characters.

Weights are definitely not Ryan's thing! :)

D7ana said...

Hi Barb the Evil Genius! Yes, that Tommy came with a Mexican and a Swiss Kelly.

I've got an extra Graduate Ryan somewhere. He'll be going up for sale. Just mentioning that ;-)

I didn't realize how much weights were NOT Ryan's thing until after I posted that photo.

That was a great find of Muff. Wow.

Gamble Acres said...

I have been struggling to identify the Ryan doll I got from a thrift store and just happened to find your photos of yours in a Google search. Thanks so much! My poor guy came wearing jeans and a red glittery shirt. I'd prefer the kilt, unflattering back view or not. ;)

D7ana said...

Thanks for visiting and for commenting, Rarrie Cae! Glad to help with your doll identification. I love the kilts. I had 2 other Ryans - the one in a red-white striped top attached to white pants and the one in the peach tux. The kilt definitely won over those two outfits ;-)