Sunday, August 9, 2015

Peeping the New Barbie Eye Doctor

I'm not supposed to be looking at the new dolls yet. Between culling dolls to sell and boxing keepers, I decided to NOT buy new stuff yet. Well, I was in Walmart - and as you'd guess by that beginning, something bad followed. Not a case of furniture fell on my head bad - in which case I'd probably not be blogging about that - but temptation bad. I saw a doll that I should not have seen. Cause now she's on my Wish List. Sigh. And I'd been sooo good.

Here is the newest Barbie doctor, Barbie as an ophthalmologist.

Barbie Eye Doctor Black version
Barbie Eye Doctor Black version

Barbie Eye Doctor Black version, box back
Barbie Eye Doctor Black version

Barbie Eye Doctor Black version, little patient
Little patient of Barbie Eye Doctor

Barbie Eye Doctor, Black version, close up
Gorgeous face paint of Barbie Eye Doctor, Black version

If you cannot find her in your local stores, she's up for "pre-sale" online. (Shipping by date on the website is August 13, 2015.) Cost? $19.99 - before shipping costs.

Oh and check this YouTube review. It's a mixed but mostly favorable review ... cheapo fashion and stiff NOT articulated body countered by a cute doll and cool playset.

So are you "eyeing" this new Barbie doctor?


The grandmommy said...

Walmart toy department is to a miniaturist as alcohol is to a alcoholic!

jSarie said...

Huh, I saw that set the other day but hadn't realized how many accessories it came with - nice!

I confess, the reason I didn't notice was that I was distracted by the set next to it: Dog Walker Barbie, who came with a dog, some bowls and some pellets of dog poop. I had to stare at that one a while to be sure that I was really seeing what I thought I was seeing. I was halfway tempted to buy her just for the randomness (actually, if she's still there later this week I might not be able to resist).

RagingMoon1987 said...

Now that is a clever idea.

D7ana said...

Hi The grandmommy, jSarie, and RagingMoon1987!

@The grandmommy - lol, true.

@jSarie - lol, oh no! Have you ever seen those mini creatures that poop jelly beans? Have you seen Michael Mozart's videos? Barbie's dog Tanner eats his poop. No lie. Who thinks of this stuff?! Then again, some kids have gross tastes, lol.

@RagingMoon1987 - I think it's cute. Although I still want to run before the doctor "taps" my eye. Shudder.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

That little girl's a cutie. Poor thing's a little young for glasses though.

Mattel has also produced a Barbie set with Barbie's pet kitty, complete with litter box and scoop. Because you needed to know that.

Georgia Girl said...

I saw her at Target and it took all of what I had in me t leave her there. This was going to be Juliana's profession. I just could not see paying the money on "that" day for a future doll post. Lol!! Maybe someone will run a BOGO sale.

Phyllis said...

I saw this set at Target too! Good thing my daughter was with me as she guilted me out of buying any dolls at all! Then I was thinking that it wouldn't be too hard to make something like this or ask "My Froggy Stuff" to make one and do a tutorial.

Anderson's All-Purpose said...

Oh no. I can't really afford to add any more unarticulated dolls to my wishlist just for their cool accessories, but as a glasses wearer I think I need this one.

D7ana said...

Hi Barb the Evil Genius, Georgia Girl, Phyllis, and Anderson's All-Purpose!

@Barb the Evil Genius - I thought she seemed rather young for glasses, too. When the doctor adjusts the lenses, you have to give feedback ... then again, maybe she's "gifted?"

Oh, yes, I did need to know that Barbie has a pooping kitty, too. LOL. I remember seeing a Rement cat set with a litter box. Wonder if it had poop, too?

Going batty in my dotage, ha ha.

@Georgia Girl - oh, yes, there'll be a BOGO sale. Would be a shame to pay twice the price ;-)

@Phyllis - relatives do "save us" at times, hey? The chart doesn't look hard to replicate; the eye machine though, might be trickier. The "My Froggy Stuff" tutorials are clever ;-)

@Anderson's All-Purpose - maybe you could give away the doll? Or wait for a BOGO sale. I'd like that eye machine, too. 'Cause I wear glasses, too.

Anonymous said...

I like this set mainly for the accessories, and the little one with the glasses, so cute! The doctor herself looks good too though! Now 'm not going to read the poop comments (mmm... too late!), because I have to start making dinner :-D.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

I remember a neighborhood kid getting glasses when he was around two. Don't know everything about working with the very little ones, but I have vague memories of our pediatrician checking our daughters' eyesight by holding up simple pictures of things like a house or a ball or whatever. Squinting might be a good "tell" also.

On Amazon, I found two Barbie/kitty sets. Both kitties were drink-and-wet, so Barbie only has to scoop clumps for her cat. One set also had a branding deal with Fresh Step brand cat litter.

Lila Phillips said...

Sorry, I'm new! What is "My Froggy's Stuff"? Thanks!

Jewell said...

I saw this set at Target two days ago and thought, "How cute!" I just love the little girl and the accessories. I was able to resist, though as I have some wish list items that are higher priority. But....if I get a gift card for my upcoming birthday and find a resident who wants this job, I might snatch this playset up later.

Vanessa said...

Lol. You were supposed to buy it. See, I'm only two days late to the party. I need to be on lookout for one of those awesome Target sales.

D7ana said...

Hi Linda, Barb the Evil Genius, Lila Philips, Jewell, and Vanessa!

@Linda - oops! Sorry about the p**p mention ;-)

@Barb the Evil Genius - I used to squint - that's a good "tell." Thanks for sharing about the kitties. I may look into getting them someday ;-)

@Lila Philips - My Froggy Stuff is blogger and craft artist who's created many tutorials for doll settings and accessories.

@Jewell - I resisted, too ;-) After my move and doll sale, I might get this set. Might.

@Vanessa - I wanted to, but I've gotten good at telling myself "no" and "not yet." But oh for a Target sale ;-D!

Muff said...

My eyesight went to crap when I was about 12ish. But that's what I get for reading books under the covers with a pen light when I should have been sleeping. It was bad enough I was chubby, but when I got glasses I immediately became "fatty four eyes." Sigh. Still, I have a love/hate relationship with my glasses. I love the look of glasses in general. I hate when I take them off I cant freaking see!

I would only want this set for the glasses that Nikki is wearing so it's not worth it to me to spend $20 for them. It's a cute little set though.

D7ana said...

Hi Muff! Kids can be mean. I got my bifocals in fourth grade. I got the "four eyes" treatment, too. Reading was a big comfort, too. And writing.

Usually, my glasses protect my eyes when dust bows. And I like looking "smart." When watching horror movies, it's a slight relief to miss details.

I'll most likely wait for a sale. Maybe a BOGO sale ;-) (Get another accessory-packed doll set. Not two of the same thing.)

Roville said...

I couldn't resist it either. I first saw a photo online and could not find a retailer in my area who had it. A friend told me which U.S. store was carrying it and I asked my shipping buddy to get it for me. BIG SHOUT OUT TO SHIPPING BUDDIES.

D7ana said...

Hi Roville! Yes, it is a cute set. YAY for shipping buddies. I had some overseas who helped big time when I was more actively collecting Jenny and friends ;-)

Carrickters said...

Yes, this is a very tempting set for the accessories. Yes, I am another glasses wearer. I started wearing them when I was 8 and probably needed them a little while before that so that little glasses wearer brings back memories. Pity about the articulation though.

D7ana said...

Hi Carrickters, Fellow Eyeglass-wearer ;-)

(I am NOT saying "four eyes;" that's been wrapped up by years of meanness.)

Alas, the articulation. That is a pity, isn't it? I mean, not even poser elbows! Tsk!