Monday, June 29, 2020

Finding Six of the Seven Mattel BTS Idol Dolls

Mattel BTS Suga, RM, and J-Hope from left to right

Mattel BTS Jimin, Jung Kook, and V from left to right

Since this post is only a doll locator one, I'm entering it separately from my mini series "Discovering BTS Via Mattel's BTS Idol Dolls" posts. Below are the specific stores where I found the BTS Idol dolls.

J-Hope, RM, and Suga $5.00 each, Five Below
1529 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Jimin and Jung Kook $5.00 each, Five Below
2200 Wheatsheaf Lane
Suite E6
Philadelphia, PA 19137

V $13.98 (sale price) Target
2701 Castor Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19134-5505 

I am looking to get Jin next. He would complete my BTS Idol collection. Also, there is a Prestige collection, where the members wear their fashions from the S version concept photos for the Love Yourself: Answer album. Prestige Jin has silver loafers while Prestige J-Hope has silver-studded black slip-ons. Sigh. I'd LOVE some of the fashions and footwear from that line, but I don't know if I'm willing to pay $49.99 each. Shrug. We'll see. Maybe Mattel will produce a third line of these dolls and then reduce the costs? Then again the Prestige line looks especially glamorous ....


aprilperlowski said...

I think these dolls are really wonderful. I wonder If I could find them for $5 around here. If so, I might have to get some. I don't listen to Kpop much (don't listen to music much), but I am a fan of Kdramas and these guys are so cute.

Linda said...

It's so cool that you'll have the whole 1st collection soon. :) These dolls are really beautiful and their clothes are awesome. The Prestige dolls are amazing too, I love almost all the outfits! That "Pierrot" inspired suit is beautiful, as are the two you mention.

D7ana said...

Hi Aprilperlowski! I'm glad you like the dolls. I'd try the Five Below stores near your or ones you could get to. I'll cross my fingers that you can find them ;-)

I don't actively listen to music as much as I used to do, but sometimes, music is comforting. I've never watched Kdramas, but I agree with you that these guys are really cute. I've spent some time off doll sites to watch their antics. Shrug. Well, they're especially dear in these difficult times.

Good luck finding all the BTS you want!

D7ana said...

Hi Linda! Yes! I'm pleased to have almost completed the collection. Mattel did a bang-up job on them - I mean actual individual face molds! Groan, oh, yes, that Pierrot-inspired outfit is lovely. If you can't get them from a Five Below store, I hope you're able to get them from Amazon for sale. I mean, yes, the dolls would be worthwhile at the full cost, there's something fun and special about getting them discounted. Like, how can I NOT get them, lol?

Barb the Evil Genius said...

I hope you find Jin so you can complete your Idol collection! Of the new dolls, I think I like Prestige Jungkook the best. His outfit has so many different influences.

I love listening to music. Sometimes I have to listen to it to keep my energy up when I'm cleaning or sewing; sometimes I just like to listen to it. The Dancer and the Eldest both inherited my love for music, too.

D7ana said...

Hi Barb! The Prestige Jungkook outfit is cool. It has a nice matador-military jacket and pants and what looks like it might be a separate white frilly shirt - romantic vibe there. Oh, yes, that's one of my favorites. I also like J-Hope's embroidered jacket, V's embroidered vest, and Suga's butterfly pants - not to mention their detailed footwear. I'm imagining some of those pieces being borrowed by some of my other dolls ;-)

I'm smiling about your comments on music. I like the idea of music-as-motivator. I don't consider myself musical - if I sing, I'm the only one happy with the sounds produced. So I avoid singing publicly. But when I listen to music, I feel calmer and happier? It's neat that your Dancer and your Eldest also love music - you're less like to get shut down when listening.

Thanks for the positive wish for me to find Jin. And thanks for commenting, xoxo.

Dollz4Moi said...

Hey D, I just found the last guy Jin at Target for $9.98 last week. Keep checking. I found all the others on clearance at Walmart for $5. I saw them at one of my Five Below stores and they had $10 price tags on them..I left them there. I saw the Prestige online but not in person.

D7ana said...

Hi, Dollz4Moi! I found and got Jin for $5.00 at another Five Below! Congratulations on completing your set! Ten dollars at Five Below?! Can they do that, lol? I'd have left them there for that price at that store. The nerve!

I've only seen the Prestige line online, too. They look like the Deluxe version so I doubt Mattel will reduce their price soon. (Although some of the guys were selling at for less than the $49.99 Mattel had them at.)