Saturday, March 14, 2009

Murder Among Doll Collectors - Mystery by Deb Baker

I have read a lot of mystery and suspense novels, but I have JUST learned of a murder mystery involving doll collectors. Doll collecting is often a solitary hobby. Throw a doll collector club in though and well, read and see. Deb Baker is the author, but here is a link to Molly Weston's blog "Meritorious Mysteries" for the review of

Dolled up for Murder

I haven't read this book yet so I cannot comment on it. However, it is on my list of books to look for at the library or in the bookstores. I look forward to reading about other collectors - even fictional ones.

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D7ana said...

Edited original post to correct spelling of the author's name in the post and in labels on April 7, 2009. My apology to the author and to any readers here inconvenienced by that typo.