Sunday, March 15, 2009

10 Series of Barbie Doll Alternatives, Past and Present

Barbie, Barbie, Barbie.


The playscale fashion doll scene seems to revolve around Barbie. Shorthand: fashion doll = Barbie. Non-collectors describe dolls not produced by Mattel or under the Barbie brand as "Barbie." Collectors compare other fashion dolls to Barbie: cheap playscale dolls are called "Barbie clones." Clone in this case is a negative. But is every playscale figure a Barbie clone? Usually, clones are cheaply made, poor quality dolls like some of the dollar store offerings. What about decent quality or even better quality playscale fashion dolls? Do they exist?

Yes, they do. Here are ten playscale doll series that "correct" or "improve" on some aspect of Barbie. They are less sophisticated, more ethnically "correct" or physically realistic, more brazen in three cases, more "intelligent," or otherwise ANTI-Barbie.

1. Ideal - Tammy the Doll You Love to Dress

2. Various companies - Sindy the Doll You Love to Dress

3. Hasbro - JEM

4. Hamilton Designs - Candi Girl / Candi (later designed by Jason Wu and Integrity Toys)

5. Get Real Girls

6. Get Set Club

7. Lanard - I-Girls

8. Smartees

9. Mattel - Flavas

10. MGA Entertainment - Bratz


Dolls of Color said...

LOL - I get ya... I personally love Susie and Fashion Royalty + Misaki myself but oh golly they cost a lot... in fact, I don't think I've met a collector with a real Misaki doll yet - how about Sybarites? ok, they're not 1:6 scale but I've heard that they cost something quite painful...

D7ana said...

Susie and Fashion Royalty did not make this list because I consider them "true fashion dolls" ;-D Ditto for Momoko and Misaki. Plus the cost factor puts them out of Barbie range :-]

I have some Susies, Fashion Royalty, and Momokos. Alas, not a single Misaki do I have - I have to say NO sometimes to myself LOL.

Sybarites ... between their size and their price, I just glance at them. So glad am I that they are off-scale for me. Otherwise, price be d---

Studio 126 said...

Does Hasbro's earlier Maxie line count?

D7ana said...

Hi Studio 126! Take 5, no 10 - 10 fingers and 2 palms together. Maxie counts. I need to update this list ;-)