Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Photo Revision - Close-ups of DID Wiz

I've been informed - kindly - that my close-ups are fuzzy. In my haste to upload, I hadn't noticed the fuzz factor. I don't see a way to adjust my focus on the Kodak EasyShare CX7300 digital camera that I have. Checked the handbook and the online reference about fuzzy focus. Hmmm ... movement of the camera as the photo is taken could be the problem. Blat! Guilty. Guess I need a tripod. The camera does shift a little in my hands - wayward camera or wayward hands? In the meantime, I am adding some new photos of DID Wiz here.

Thanks for looking. I am going to work on my photos - if people are kind enough to visit, I need to provide clear and attractive photos.


E. A said...

Whoa, dude, his hair DOES look like little meatballs!! Thanks for the pictures.

About keeping the camera still: I always have problems with that. Fortunately, my camera has an automatic feature to steady the shots.

If your camera doesn't have that, little tripods are very cheap.

You can also try bracing your camera-holding arm on something stable. For example, if you are taking pictures of dolls on your desk, lean the elbow of your picture-taking hand on the desk.

Or you could set the camera on something steady, like an upside-down mug....

E. A said...

If your camera has no manual focus, it looks like your best bet is to find its optimum focus range and try not to take photos outside it.

Lighting can also help. When I had a camera with limited focusability, I took my best pictures outdoors in ambient light. If your dolls don't like to go outside, multiple sources of indoor light would be best.

D7ana said...

You're welcome. I'm glad his hair shows better in these photos. I also used the "Enhance" feature in the Kodak software before I uploaded the photo.

Thanks for the camera tips. I'm going to work on improving my photos - because I love seeing the beautiful, clear shots others produce and because it's a fun challenge.

D7ana said...

I'd love to take photos of my dolls outside. Using the city as a backdrop ... wow. That would be cool. I'd just need to be careful where I posed them.

Thanks for the additional tips.