Thursday, March 5, 2009

Close-up Tutorial by K6yardotcom on YouTube

There is a helpful video by k6yardotcom on YouTube

A Tutorial - Using Magnifying Glass For Closeup Videos

I think this tip can also be used with photos. Hmmm ... more help reducing and/or eliminating the photo fuzz factor.


ModernWizard said...

That looks like a cheap way to increase the macro capabilities of any picture recording device, including digicams! I'm going to try this out because I am a lazy bastard. If you try it out, show us the results.

D7ana said...

The low cost pleased me. Just had an idea flash ... what if I had one of those magnifying sheets like a magnifying glass in flat format? I don't have one now, but I have seen them before.

Next time I post a close-up, I'm going to use the magnifying glass plus the magnified setting on my camera.