Monday, March 30, 2009

Uploaded New Integrity Playline Photos in Webshots Album

I've uploaded more of my Integrity playline - Janay and friends dolls. Have to correct some typos - ack! no! - but there are now five pages of photos. Some need to be deleted, but I'm too tired tonight. Some are surprisingly good or at least good to my weary eyes.

Here's the Webshots URL:

Integrity folder

Thanks for viewing


E. A said...

I got all excited because I thought that Integrity had a NEW cheapl play line out, but such is not the case. I miss the play line dolls from the early 2000s. Their headsculpts were full of character.

Thanks to your photos, I was able to identify the sources for some of my LHF characters. For example, on the package in this picture, , you can see the Ambassador's Ball Janay, whose head I used for Janet. Such a classy 'do!

On the LHF cast page, I bet you can easily identify who's an Integrity sculpt: Angelie, Cory, Janet and ZaeZae! You can tell because they all have the distinctive Integrity lips. Yummy!

D7ana said...

You're welcome - I am glad that the Integrity photos helped. That's one plus of photographing dolls in the original packaging.

I miss this line, too. When I wasn't interested in Fashion Royalty, I got my Jason Wu doll fix with the Janay line. I have about 43 of that series, but the variety among them is fantastic.

Yes, I confess to mental head-sourcing when I read LHF stories and other DAF stories. It's fun to see favorites altered. I love character cast sheets anyway. The cast sheets help when I come across a new-to-me character.

D7ana said...

Itegrity has done a few of the Kmart/Sears "Just Girlz" dolls: a source on DollyDaily said that the dolls with the newest Alysa face mold are done by Integrity. I've only got three dolls from that line, but they add variety to the collection. I have to do a folder for them, too.