Saturday, April 18, 2009

Alert! Mixis Dolls for $29.99 CD at Nice n Necessary

Some of the Mixis dolls are now available for 29.99 Canadian Dollars at Nice n Necessary. Please see the available dolls at this web page:

Mixis clearance

If I could, I'd buy extras. I can't so I'm spreading the word for others.

Happy collecting!


E. A said...

Man, those Mixis aren't moving. :( Bad news for NNN, good news for potential buyers. Oh, so tempting.

D7ana said...

I wrote to Jackie Norman of Nice n Necessary, and she said that the Mixis dolls were for older children. Her focus is on babies and pre-schoolers, see here -

I want the Mixis dolls to do well because I like that they have noses and cheekbones and more realistic builds. Perhaps more photos and exposure would help? Time to give my new Kodak C813 a workout!

rosi said...

Just thought you'd like to know that the link to Mixis doll is now blank. I don't know if that means they sold them all out or just took them down from their website.
Rosi (a fellow 1:6er in South Jersey)

D7ana said...

Thanks, Rosi. It's great to hear from another local 1:6 fan. I see that the Mixis dolls are back up on the Nice n Necessary website. They might have been taken off due to a possible glitch with the shipping. Someone on The Vinyl Lounge - Pink Parlor board wrote that whe she tried to order one doll, the system charged her $25 postage - .