Saturday, April 18, 2009

Giddy Me! Got a New Camera - Kodak EasyShare C813

Okay, I couldn't hold out for reviews. I wanted my old EasyShare CX7300 camera, but it wasn't going to revive without some outside help so I hied me to Walmart where I found another Kodak EasyShare digital camera. This one is model C813. I couldn't get the teal one; they only had the pink, but I love, love, love it already. Here are my first findings.

It's like a grown up's camera or a real photographer's camera. I mean, it has a lens that extends and makes that eeerrrrkkk sound when it is turned on. (I like to hear machines make operating noises. Seems like they are animated. Shrug.) The buttons resemble the ones on my CX7300 only there are more settings. It's slimmer and lighter than my CX7300 too.

The Walmart clerk at the Roosevelt Boulevard store (the one closer to town, not the one out in the Far Northeast) was nice AND knowledgeable. I'd asked about a black Kodak camera with a fat lense that was reduced to $100 from $177 - don't recall the model number - only to find that they were "out" of that one as well as some of the others I sought that were under $100. I told her that I wanted a camera with a 3x zoom feature and that cost under $100. She indicated the C813 that they had in teal and in pink on display. And there was another Kodak EasyShare that was $130, but it had been returned by someone. I don't like used stuff; I saw how the box had been opened so I didn't want that one. They had no more teal C813s so I settled for the pink C813. (Didn't want pink because that seemed too girly, sissy. No teal though. Price was right. Features seemed to match my old one. So pink it is.)

I'm going to take new photos now. Yay, yay, yay.


E. A said...

You're funny. I'm amused that the errrrk noise is delightful to you! You must take some pictures and show how its quality is better than your older one.

D7ana said...

I've taken three pictures so far, but they were just point-n-shoot things. I'm going to take more tomorrow. There are dolls I need to sell, stuff to give away,and more East Philly characters stuff. Whoo hooo! (Some things you can type, but not say LOL.)