Friday, April 17, 2009

WTB Replacement Digital Camera - New & Cheap

Last night, I dropped my Kodak CX7300 digital camera. Today, it won't power on. (No light.) Kodak gives me $75 as a start for the repair cost. They can't guarantee that my camera can be fixed and there would be repair turnaround time. Groan.

So, I need a new, cheap digital camera that I can use to photograph my dolls and action figures. Can anyone recommend a digital camera that would cost less than $100? I use the zoom feature 3x and want something I can pick up from a brick-and-mortar store.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


E. A said...

I'm thinking about this. Meanwhile, have you been to this Philadelphia doll and toy store? It is more aimed at collectible dolls and toys, but I thought it might interest you.

D7ana said...

Thanks. I'm checking online reviews at CNET and others, but I thought other collectors would have more insight in the scale we photograph, etc.

I haven't been to Happily Ever After for some time now, but I bought my G-Five, Get Set Isabella there. Possibly my Get Set Vanessa or my Get Set Eva there, too. (I think that I got two dolls from them. Have some gaps in my current DAF database.) They have more 1:6 scale dolls than they used to - they carry Susie and Momoko and Re-ment miniatures as well as some 1:6 scale musical instruments. I have to check out the drum set they have to see if it would fit my figures. Thanks for the tip though.