Thursday, April 16, 2009

Surprise! Nabbed a Graduation Ryan at Target!

"I wasn't looking ... but somehow I found him."

That's how things were this afternoon. I was in a Target where I was doing my scan for any new fashion dolls or action figures. I checked the High School Musical dolls there, not expecting that I would find him. The elusive kilted Ryan from the HSM 3 Graduation line? Not a chance. He wasn't high on my list of must haves anyway.

But just like those Rebelde boy-girl sets, Ryan appeared. I found him at the Target off Bustleton Avenue, a block below Cottman Avenue.

So for those still seeking the High School Musical 3 Graduation class figures, take a deep breath. The figures are out there. Good luck!


E. A said...

That's pretty awesome. I think that's the only male doll I've ever seen who comes with a default skirt. [Face it -- a kilt is a skirt.] How much was he? If he wasn't that much, I may commission you to get one [or at least his outfit] for me.

D7ana said...

He was the regular Target price, $14.99. I hate to admit it, but I mostly got him because he had the kilt. This was the first time I had seen the kilted Ryan so I don't know when/if I will see him for sale again. I will look out for him though. I'll let you know if I see him again.

D7ana said...

Many years ago, there was a free kilt pattern for Ken online. I couldn't find the link just now, but I'll ask around. Just as backup.