Sunday, August 23, 2009

Consolation if the Fashionistas Never Reach USA Shelves

Suppose the Mattel Barbie Fashionistas do NOT come to the U.S.A?

I will not be as disappointed as I initially thought. Sure, I would LOVE to have the new Barbie poser body. But if I check the contents of my collection today, I realize that I have the face of the Barbie Fashionista who most interests me: Artsy. I lucked out and found Desiree during my Fashion Fever Hunt days.


dorothy said...

I love Desiree!
I named a doll of mine, the same!
Nice blog! I am sooo new at
answering, blogs!:))


D7ana said...

Hey, Dorothy! Yay! Glad to see you here and to read your comment.

Go head with your Internet-savvy self. Yours will be the next new blog at WLBD.

Studio 126 said...

I found out about Desiree about two years after she was discontinued. Fortunately, I scored one from Ebay Australia a couple of months ago. Naturally, her head went onto an artiBabs body.

It is a very pretty sculpt. I wonder why they didn't make her a regular in the Babs universe...

Babs Poser

D7ana said...

Hi Babs Poser

I would like my Desiree on a poser body, too. I've got two AA Integrity Monsieur Z dolls - heads too big - that might do as body match. (Jungle Fever and one of the swimsuit doll)

If I don't decide to use those bodies for Janay swaps. Hmm ... having a few poseable dolls makes you want MORE. I'm glad to see Mattel incorporating articulation in this new doll line.

Family said...

I used a Mattel NBA body. It is a little darker than the head, but I'm okay with that. I get AA & caucasian artiBabs from


D7ana said...

Thanks, Poser, for the link showing the arti-Barbies.

I'll remember that website when I look for poseable Barbie bodies ;-D

Dolls of Color said...

Will you be deboxing her? The tubed FF dolls are pretty good space wise when it comes to their packaging though :)

I'd bought my Desiree off another collector... without the original outfit...

You would not believe what my "word verification" is - indian

D7ana said...

LOL about the word verification. That's odd, hmm?

The Fashion Fever dolls' see through tubes show so pretty, they will be hard to open up. Sigh, but I'm going to do it.