Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Big Lots and Doll Pricing

The first set of Liv dolls and the Rocawear Barbies are available at the Norristown Big Lots! store.

You can have either Alexis or Katie for $18.00 EACH OR the So in Style Rocawear Grace, Kara, or Trichelle for $12.99 EACH.

Usually, Barbies and other dolls sell for less than retail price at Big Lots! - these dolls are nearly at the retail cost. I wonder if that is due to the popularity of these doll series or to the economy.


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

I saw the LIV dolls at my Big Lots for $18 and thought to myself, "They must be crazy." Either they are truly crazy or just hopeful that they will sell the dolls for that amount. My Big Lots still has several boxed Julia dolls for $20 each. I guess they're being hopeful.


D7ana said...

Hi DBG! I kept thinking, but this is Big Lots! - shouldn't the price be half that or at least 2/3rds the cost? Sigh. I won't be getting any Liv dolls from them.

The Norristown Big Lots also had Julias for $20 and the Best Friends Calista for about $15 - another overpriced doll.

AilanthusAltissima said...

I see all kinds of overpriced stuff at the Big Lots near me. It seems that when they get name brand items at my Big Lots, they charge as close to retail as they dare. For example, they will get a truckload of designer lamps that obviously didn't sell at a department store and then price them at $100.00 at Big Lots when the original tag says $129.00. The overpriced stuff just sits there looking more and more picked over as time goes by. Really, they should take a hint from the fact that the department store couldn't sell them at that price which is why they are at Big Lots.

The items that are priced to move really do move quickly. I don't think too many people are fooled by retail prices.

D7ana said...

Hi Kim!

I figure, what Big Lots! sells at a bargain price, that I will get. What they sell at an inflated price, I'll look for it elsewhere.

MissSpottyJane said...

That's bad news. I was hoping BL would have them cheaper. The prices at the ones nearest me have been creeping up for several years. The one nearest me has a shelf full of $20 Julias as well.

Niel Camhalla said...

Maybe if you wait (until sale season), they'll bring down the prices.

Ms. Leo said...

Now, now, now.... before we give Big Lots a beat down. I have purchased several Power Team World Peacekeepers Big Lot. I paid about 10.00. This also what they were selling for in K B Toys. I think a few of you did also. I have purchase other things like Kari Mitchell doll and clothes there too, if only for the clothes. I think a few of you did also. Kari Mitchell was selling for the same price in Target.

Maybe.... they are no longer limiting themselves to just closeouts but some current items too. Being relevant in the market place and mixing it up. These are tuff time! If so, they are getting current things and they should get the current price because they are not purchasing it at a discount. SIS hasn't been on the market that long. Nationally, Big Lots may service areas where don't have a ToysRUs locally. They may be the only game in town literally.

So,if Big lots is closer, I will buy from them or if they have a better selection or if I am in the mood. Big Lots has been go to us. Let's move them before the bus comes.

PS Walmart in South Philly has been sitting on Julia and unwilling to let her go under $30.00. The local store has to eat that cost now, not nationally. They were hoping to sell them all at Xmas but they are still there!

D7ana said...

Hi MSJ! Yes, prices have been inching up everywhere. Sigh. Guess with consumers being more cautious, sellers have to get the most for what does sell. But I, too, had hoped that BL would sell their stock for less than regular stores.

Hi Niel! That's a good idea: I'll check to see if BL has sales. Their everyday prices are advertised as being lower so they might no offer sales the way TRU or Target do.

Hi Miss Leo! Yes, BL has been a source of bargain dolls and action figures over the past years. Perhaps they are including regular retail items in their stock. I am glad to see playscale figures at ANY store; fewer traditional toy stores exist. However, the bargain aspect has been associated with the BL brand so seeing the newer dolls there at retail cost was a surprise. That doesn't mean I'll never shop there again. It's more that I'll have to search other store sales to make sure I get the best dolly bang for my dolly bucks ;-)

Tiffany Tran said...

They are not Cheap; I mean for BigLots. Overpriced. Maybe it costed biglots more money to buy those dolls.

D7ana said...

Hi Tiffany! Yes, the prices are higher than expected for Big Lots! The company probably did pay more for them - than their usual stock - so they would pass that price rate on to the customers. Sigh. Oh well.