Thursday, April 8, 2010

Momoko - Momoko - Momoko

My Momoko collection to date. (Missing Day-off Delight who will go for sale soon.)

Momoko rock group, Black_Blue, and four admirers in denim. (Black_Blue members are kneeling Fro on the left, standing near center Pink Grrl, and half-seated Jagged on the right.)

Their number used to be greater, but then tastes change.


Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

love momoko dolls, it got some asian vibe in it.


D7ana said...

I adore my Momokos. They raise my Asian fashion doll count considerably, LOL.

I love having all types of dolls and action figures in my collection.

disposable said...

I had never heard of these before, but i fell in love after i saw this post and googled them... I just wish they were $100+!! Being a struggling college student, I could do without these intense desires for doll collecting, lol

D7ana said...

An old Lays Potato Chip jingle promised, "Betcha can't eat just one Lays and not want more and more." Momokos are like that for some people, LOL. (Me, I mean.)

Doll collecting can be difficult in college years when time and money are limited. Do you mind deboxed dolls? A nude Momoko would be much more affordable than a NRFB doll. Momokos can fit most Barbie outfits - especially the outfits with the smaller bust.

Did you encounter the Yahoo Group, GoGoMomoko or GGM? If not, you might want to go there. Lots of temptation, but you'll also find fellow students and sympathetic collectors happy to help you get your first Momoko ;-D

Evette said...

Wow, I love these Momoko dolls. Never seen them elsewhere. Just have to put more money aside for my wishlist now. :D

D7ana said...

Hi Evette! New to Momokos? Oh the joy you will discover! Momokos do go on sale at times AND you can buy nude dolls or swap [other] dolls with fellow collectors if you want.

Good luck building your Momoko nation. The dolls are delicate, but a treat to have.

MissSpottyJane said...

What a collection! They look great all together. My wallet is happy that I can survive with only one.

D7ana said...

MSJ, your one Momoko must feel very special. Does she reign over the other dolls?

I think you have several Volks dolls - not trying to snoop, just nosy. (Oh yeah, snoop = nosy). I only have two Kanas from Volks. There are at least two others I'd like to have from them - black-haired Ariane and the sax playing ash blonde Hriette(?).

Wish I could get more Momokos - but I'm happy with the crew I have today so it's not too hard ;-D