Monday, August 23, 2010

Not Separated at Birth or Vitamin C Not from Mbili Facemold

Okay, everyone can agree: Dana needs her eyes examined.

In an earlier post, I included Vitamin C as one of the dolls created with the Mbili face mold. Please see the close-up photo below:

Hmmm ... I sit corrected. Vitamin C's face is a little longer and a little wider. I should have double-checked at Katti's Dolls website that shows the second Grand Entrance Barbie (2002) made with the Angel face and the Princess of South Africa Barbie made with the Mbili face mold.

Here Princess of South Africa and Vitamin C stand with Kayla. Kayla has a similar face mold to Vitamin C's Angel face mold. It would take me some time to differentiate them, but the face molds are listed separately. They are lovely dolls, aren't they?


Niel Camhalla said...

Really, really confusing face molds but I love all three!

Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

i LOVE prince od africa doll. been looking for it.

E. A said...

As you probably know, I love the Mbili sculpt. One of my most beautiful and favorite dolls is Velvette, the original Mbili head on a painted CG body. I also have Shaniqua, an Alvin Ailey Barbie without the "ballet" feet. It's a very expressive mold with lots of character. Thanks for the side-by-side comparisons.

Dama de las Mariposas said...

Hi Diana! you´re right!
I tought she was Kaylea head mold!
can I share this info in my forum? is in Spanish, off course I`ll credit the source.

D7ana said...

Thanks for your comments! Niel, I confess, I still can't see the difference between the Kayla/Lea mold and the Goddess mold. However, reviewing Katti's comments on this page, I read that the Goddess mold is stamped

© 1998, Mattel Inc

while Kayla/Lea have this stamp on the back of their necks:

© 2000, Mattel Inc

"iLham," I'll see if there are any Princess of SA left. I think not, but I'll look around ;-D

E.A., I love the way you dress Velvette. And I love the way your Mbili-sculpt characters vary in personality. Shaniqua so shy and Velvette so assertive ;-D

Damas, thanks for the offer. Please refer to Kattis Dolls though. She's far clearer than I on the head molds, LOL.