Thursday, August 26, 2010

KMart Has New Stuff! Trumps Toys R Us

I was pleasantly surprised to find at the Market East Kmart these dolls:

Moxie Boyz, Jaxson and Owen

But my favorite was the Mattel [Barbie] Twilight Victoria:

I love her face screening and her gorgeous hair. Guess Jacob won't be my only Twilight doll.


Black Doll Enthusiast said...


Do you know if other Moxie Boyz will be added to the line?


Frannie said...

On Monday, I saw the Moxie Boyz at K-Mart here in Central Jersey, but no Victoria. I want Victoria! Must go hunting for her before I go back to work.

smidge girl said...

There's a KMart near here (closest place to buy dolls) and I noticed that they recently got a huge overhaul in the doll/Barbies section. Seriously, a few weeks go, they hadn't even gotten ORIGINAL Fashionistas yet. Now they have the new Barbie Basics, new Fashion Packs, Moxie guys, Twilight Dolls, even the new Liv girls. Sure hope they keep current, I'd be a happy KMart shopper, lol! I totally want that Twilight girl too-- I love her face and her clothes!

Lubo said...

Wow, Victoria is beautiful.:) I love her hair.

D7ana said...


I just see Jaxson and Owen so far on Amazon and in a Flickr photo set.

D7ana said...

Hi Frannie, SG, and Lubo!

Yes, Victoria is gorgeous. Beautiful doll. her paleness looks great on her (better than Edward's does in the vinyl) and her rich hair color and features - striking contrast.

Good luck finding. I only saw the one Victoria; people are probably snatching her up ;-D

D7ana said...


Continuation from my first response - it seems like MGA Entertainment is not doing as many ethnic dolls (okay, read Black, LOL) as they used to do. Maybe they're just warming up though. Shrug.