Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Teen Bodies: Disney VIP Dolls

I don't have any of these Disney V.I.P. dolls yet, but I wanted to point them out as having articulated bodies AND heads that I would relocate onto larger bodies. However, I do think that there is something muscular about the thighs on these dolls so you might want to consider them for your characters who participate in running track. Nice thing about that is that there will be more body variation.

What about the larger heads? I'd see if any My Scene doll bodies would work with those heads. Or possibly even one of the action figures? I like the Rocky and the CeCe faces although I would probably "fix" the eyes so that they didn't look so very cartoony.


Dollz4Moi said...

These are cute. I saw them in the stores and I think they can share shoes with the Monster High dolls. I will continue to resist them :O)

Frannie said...

Haven't seen any of these dolls in the stores in my area. Thanks for posting!

Ms. Leo said...

I have seen them in the stores too. How many different dolls are they going to make? I have only seen three.

Alrunia said...

I've only ever had a few My Scene dolls but I think that their bodies are exactly the same as an average regular Barbie Belly Button body. Since they aren't produced anymore I just thought I'd throw that out there so you don't go looking for a (potentially overpriced) My Scene to check ;)
But yes I'm curious about those VIP bodies too, at first I thought they were as disproportionate as Monster High, but perhaps that's just the big head. They're probably closer to Stardolls with appropriately shortened limbs.

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: I did not know this collection of Disney dolls Vip. You're right, so you have more variety of bodies to change. You can buy one of those dolls and try another head. And to tell us. Keep in touch

D7ana said...

Hi Dollz4Moi! I like Rocky and CeCe. I'd place those heads on different bodies, of course. And use the articulated bodies for some of my other fashion dolls.

Hi Frannie! Hope you find them soon in your area. You are welcome to the enabling ;-D

Hi Ms. Leo! Five dolls. Originally, they were going to make six dolls - Hannah Montana, Sharpay Evans, Alex Russo, CeCe Jones, Rocky Blue, and Sonny Monroe from some tween Disney shows. One actress backed out so the Sonny doll was cancelled.

Hi Alrunia! Yes, I have used My Scene dolls for improving several of my dolls. Oh and I will check to see how the Disney dolls look next to the Stardolls.

Hi Marta! It may be some time before I post about re-bodying these dolls, but I will remember to share the results here. Thanks for visiting. Thanks for staying in touch.

D7ana said...

Here is a link to additional photos of these dolls as seen in Google and Flickr.

Happy viewing!

Allenoel said...

More articulated body options make me very happy.
I got Sharpay, Alex Russo and Hanna Montana. One set to keep and one set to re-body.

They all have different skin tones and I was able to match my Blossom doll's head with Alex Russo's body (some neck knob sanding was necessary) and my (Mork &) Mindy doll's head with Hannah Montana's body.

See them here:

D7ana said...

Thanks, Allenoel, for sharing that link to your Blossom and Mindy with their new Disney VIP dolls.

I like Mindy's head on her new teen body; Blossom's head though looks bigger against that body.