Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, Barbie!


Ms. Leo said...

Wow! Sorry I missed your birthday! Happy belated birthday! My birthday was the seventh. I spent it at the Flower Show like I do every year. Us fishes must swim together!

D7ana said...

Aw, you are too kind, Ms. Leo! My birthday isn't until July ;-D. Thanks for the early good wishes. I'm a water sign, like you, only I'm Cancer to your Pisces.

Okay, the wiseacre humming "The Twilight Zone" needs to hush. Was that you, Old Joe?

My Barbies graciously wave their hands. Who else could have a birthday in March? You are forgiven - lol! They are serious though. I shiver to think of the look they gave me when I laughed.

Happy belated birthday to you, Ms. Leo. Many more to come. Glad to hear that you enjoyed your special day at The Flower Show.