Friday, July 13, 2012

Mattel Monster High Comic Con Super Heroes!

AtamaiiDolls has a new video up about Target Exclusive Super Hero Monster High dolls Spectra and Clawdeen. An as yet unnamed third doll will be revealed this Saturday so check back at AtamaiiDolls for any new videos of that doll and plan to go to your local Target in Spring 2013 to check on the new super heroes.

Happy [Future] Hunting!


Muff said...

I like the Clawdeen version so I'll be on the lookout for that one in person.

Emily said...

Those are cool! Thanks for the link. At first I thought I preferred Spectra with her mask-y face makeup, but now I think I like Clawdeen and her shield. She looks more classically superhero to me. Fun!

I like those bobbing-headed dogs in the intro, too! I wonder what those are...

D7ana said...

Hi Muff and Emily! I so do not need to find a new series to collect, but the Monster High are growing on me.

Muff, I loved that photo on your blog where your Clawdeen asks why the Bratz Sasha was touching her and then how she turned on Sasha, lol. That was priceless.

Emily, you are welcome to the link :-D. Clawdeen's shield reminds me of the goddess Athena as goddess of War as well as goddess of wisdom.

I don't know who produces the bobbing dogs' heads. Anyone here recognize them?