Friday, July 27, 2012

Silvia Seeks (ITBE) Sleek

...  and Fresh's Dress.

Doll collector Silvia of Spain asked if anyone has for sale or knows where she can buy an ITBE Sleek doll (Integrity Toys 2009) for a reasonable price. Sleek can be mint out of box or NRFB.

Also, if you are selling or know someone who is selling just the yellow dress for ITBE Fresh (Integrity Toys 2009), she would like to buy that outfit, too. Or if you have the Fresh doll with the original yellow dress, she would be interested in buying the doll to get the outfit. Please leave a note in the Comments if you have sales information about these dolls.

Alas, I missed getting any of the Integrity Toys ITBE dolls, even when they went on sale.

Thanks for any responses. Sincerely, D7ana


Anonymous said...

Hi! I will be listing an ITBE Sleek doll on ebay within the next few days; she is like-new - displayed; but mint and she will come in her original box with her stand. Only downside, she does not have her shoes. I have misplaced them. If I find them, they will definitely be included. If you're interested, my ebay ID is mod-2-modern. She will be listed auction-style; but with a buy-it-now price of $60. Thanks!....Sheree

D7ana said...

Thanks, Sheree! I sent Silvia an email to let her know about your intended sale. I wish you both luck! Sincerely,

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dana, thanks Sheree, I'll follow your auction - silviah

D7ana said...

You're welcome Silvia! Thanks again, Sheree, for sharing your sale information here. I hope the auction ends well for you both ;-)