Monday, September 24, 2012

How Many Kelly/Chelsea-Sized Dolls Do I Have?

Muff had asked how many Kelly-sized dolls I had. As we all know, Kelly/Chelsea dolls are like the doll equivalents of Tribbles. Kelly/Chelsea dolls multiply the minute you turn away. Impossible, you say? Ha, I reply. Yes, I would actually say something like that. So counts of these notoriously tricky dolls can be off at times. When I counted the Kelly/Chelsea dolls seen in the DAF Room and in my bedroom, I found 33 of them.

I will be selling an additional 18 boxed Kelly/Chelsea dolls and 9 "loose" Kelly/Chelsea dolls. (Loose = out of their boxes; I am not discussing doll morals.) So there are presently at least 60 Kelly/Chelsea dolls in East Philly. How does that compare to my Barbie Barbies? Last count: 38 keeper Barbies, 25 boxed Barbies up for sale, and 9 loose Barbies for sale. So that's 60 Kelly/Chelsea to 72 Barbie Barbies. Sigh. Okay, I'll say it - no body out numbers Barbie Barbies.

Yes, I have some serious selling to do. And that's just the Mattel dolls. My other manufacturers will be next. They might be easier than the Barbies though. Or maybe that is just wishful thinking on my part.

Note: after checking some of the completed listings on eBay, some of the boxed dolls might get opened and sold separate from their outfits. In some cases, I the seller would get more for doing that. Who would have thought the outfits would be worth more? Oh wait, those comparing the current fashions with the fashions from the Fashion Fever period. Shrug.


Muff said...

That's A LOT of kids! I can count on one hand how many kid dolls I have.

Every time I see one that looks super cute, I'll ahh at it, but I basically don't care for real kids so I guess that translates in my collecting as well. I also think that's why none of my dolls are parents. They are either aunt/uncle or brother/sister to the few kids I have.

That's interesting that you'll get more for outfits than a boxed doll.

Heather said...

So many loose women in your house! XD

That bit cracked me up. I would hope there weren't any "loose" Kelly dolls... that's just disturbing XD

D7ana said...

Hi Muff and Heather!

@Muff - Yes, that is a LOT of kids ;-D

But in a general population of about 500 figures now, the adults outweigh them. Oh, wait, I didn't figure on the teens and the pre-teens. Sigh.

@Heather - oh, you know that there are some loose women - and loose men - lurking about. They steer away from the kiddies. Kiddies not being conducive to their East Philly "loose" lifestyles.

The Kelly-sized citizens run rampant and shrill at times, but "morally loose", they are not ;-D.

Ms. Leo said...

So I took to counting my Kelly/Chelsea size dolls this weekend. I have 31 Kelly/Chelsae size Mattel dolls that are part of the doll community here, 11 off brand Kelly/Chelsea knockoffs also part of the community, 1 doll in a box waiting for a new head, 2 heads and bodies that I plan to sell, and 4 doll that are bigger that are bigger than Kelly/Chelsea but smaller than that Stacie/Janet.
The grand total is 51!

Dollz4Moi said...

Oh boy my last count of Kelly's was in the 300+ range around here. They may number about 400 after my last KellyKon. I didn't buy another 100 but I haven't factored in last year's stuff from KellyKon 2011. Oy vey they are so like Tribbles. I have a bunch that are leaving NYC.

Good luck with your sales :O)

D7ana said...

Congratulations to Ms. Leo and to Anika for their LARGE Kelly populations.

@Anika - thanks for the positive wishes for my sale.