Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pending Projects

I am working on the wording of the photo contest, September Super Sale Lists, and updating additional Webshots folders. I'll probably have them done tomorrow, if not all at once. Definitely want to have the contest information in place. Thanks for your patience.


The Webshots folder Etsy is for active PhillyCollector followers who have an open Etsy shop and send at least one free item to me. The free, passive promotion is my thanks for your participation.  The photos currently there have received 92 views since September 14, 2012.


Vanessa said...

Believe it or not, I spent a little time on your Webshots. You have some very nice items pictured there. I am anxiously awaiting the day we will see more pictures on your blog, too. Oh, there I go beating the horse again. I really do love animals. I must do better about not beating them so much. (smile) Thanks for the promotion, once again.

DLSarmywife said...

What a wonderful thing for you to do with your Etsy Webshots page. Would it be to bold of me to ask for your mailing address so that I may send you some items from my Etsy shop.

I tried to find your email address on your blog but couldn't see it. Mine is Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in receiving some of my hand made polymer clay foods. :-)

D7ana said...

Hi Vanessa and Deborah!

Oh, my, I need to post some photos soon - I hate to think of any horse getting beaten on my account. Thanks for the compliment on my stuff ;-D

Thanks for your email addy, Deborah. I'll write to you tonight with that information. I have something for you, too. (That MyScene accessory kit - have not forgotten it.)

I yammer on about Mattel products all the time - well, a LOT. Mattel has more than enough marketers. So when I realized that my Webshots folder got more hits than my blog, I wondered how I could "use" that edge there. The ad idea popped up. Oh and another about "commercials" so that I could develop a writing portfolio - but the photo ads were pretty much self-created. Upload a business card and show the products where they could be seen. I always "wish" people well - here was a way to "back" that wish.

And I am going to add more photos. Between my digital camera and my rechargeable batteries - that Walmart clerk is forever blessed in my book for pushing that product when I bought my last camera - I can do it.

D7ana said...

Oops ... manners lacking!

Thanks for visiting my Webshots folders, Vanessa. Thanks for offering some of your hand made polymer clay foods, Deborah.

DLSarmywife said...

LOL, I had completely forgotten about the My Scene goodies! :-)

I'd be honored to share some of my goodies with you. I get such a kick out of seeing things I make in other peoples shots! It's quite a thrill really! =D

D7ana said...

I thought you'd forgotten ... I need to be quicker on the draw ;-D

I look forward to seeing your goodies - you know I love even play food, lol - and photographing them. So exciting!