Friday, February 28, 2014

The Ten Black Dolls and Action Figures I Would Choose: A Black History Themed Post

I wrote a post earlier this month asking which 10 black fashion dolls or action figures would you choose if you were allowed any ten. Here is my list ...

American Teen Benjamin

Integrity Toys Dynamite Girl 'Back to Brooklyn' Remi

Integrity Toys Dynamite Girl 'Boogie Beach' Reese

Integrity Toys Fashion Royalty 'Quiet Storm' Annik

Mattel Halle Berry

Mattel So In Style Little Brother Julian

Vivid Imaginations JLS Ortise

YNU Group, Inc. Mixis Bryanna Singh

YNU Group, Inc. Mixis Kirsten Leduc

YNU Group, Inc. Mixis Melissa Francesca Bilotta

The last three dolls are not-yet produced Mixis fashion dolls. If you are on Facebook, look up Mixis Jr. to see what those lovely dolls look like. If you have not sent in your choices, please share them now. Or if you've submitted your choices, do you feel the same or would you like to make any changes? Thanks!



Muff said...

I wouldn't change my list. I still like it/want it that stuff.

The only thing I have on your list is Julian. I think I got him on clearance at Walmart for $3 or $5. If I see another one I'll grab him for you.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...
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Male Doll World said...

Good choices on your dolls. I was on my way to buy the YNU dolls until I read the fine print. LOL. Two of my dolls would be Christie (1969) and Brad.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Here is my list of 10 Black dolls I would choose:

Color InFusion Janay

Fast Track Viktor James

Staying Power Darius Reid

Byron Lars Coco

Byron Lars Sugar

Hard Rock Cafe Barbie

2013 Holiday Barbie only for the head sculpt -- I would redress and probably rebody immediately.

Original Black Francie

Tressy by American Character

Sindy by Pedigree


D7ana said...

Hi Muff, Male Doll World, and Black Doll Enthusiast!

@Muff - aw, that would be super sweet of you. Yeah, I know you're gagging at that thought, lol. But $3-5 is a darn good price for him. He's higher priced here, where you can find. My bad in missing the sales with him.

@Male Doll World - oh, I wannna know - what did the fine print say? Call me curious (not nosy, lol).

I like your choices: I have an original TNT Julia and a Malibu Christie - so I have 2 dolls with that face mold ;-) And I have Curtis' head and broke-up bodies so I sort of have Brad. :-}

@Black Doll Enthusiast - oh, you had to go there, huh? Now I have to change my list because I, too, would like to add the Black 2013 Holiday Barbie, to my list. I'm going to have to let go one of the Integrity gals ...

and Fast Track Viktor James? I think I might prefer him to Remi. Sigh.

BDE, the Sindy you mention ... I remember Gayle is Sindy's Black friend in the U.S.A. Are there Black Sindys oversea? I defer to your extensive knowledge about Black dolls ;-)

Thanks everyone for sharing your dream wish list of Black dolls.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

I do own Sindy's friend Gayle by Marx, who technically uses the same head sculpt as the dark skinned Sindy that, yes, was sold in the UK. One version can be seen more than once on the Dolls 100% Vintage Pinterest board. There is also a black Active Sindy. This version has poseable limbs.


D7ana said...

Hi BDE! Thanks for sharing those links. That dark-skinned Sindy looks cute. Poseable limbs are always a plus ;-D