Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Michelle Decorates a [Christmas] Tree

Usually, I don't do the decorative stuff. I am not pretty, and I don't make things pretty.

Now you don't have to contradict me. I yam as I yam to borrow from Popeye. I'm here by default. Yes, de fault of T.J. who's off on a snit. De fault of Naomi who is grieving the death of Joe Cocker. Somebody needed to decorate this Christmas tree. I agreed to do it. Yes, de fault of me volunteering.

Last year, Kenya decorated the white Christmas tree. She didn't like the size of the bells, but they were what she had. My turn. I'm not doing bells. Okay, I have a white Christmas tree - think theme. Okay ... snow and ice. Cold. Glittery. Sharp. Could use some brightening up, hey? Silver and gold? I considered creating silver foil balls or brown paper bag gingerbread men. Maybe even spray-painting a paper chain of gingerbread men gold. But hey, I don't do pretty so I found an easy alternative.

Flavor. What has a sharp, icy flavor? Mint. And the specific mint of the season? Peppermints.

Course I didn't have many in-scale candy canes. You know by now, I was not going to make any. But I found some peppermint discs and propped them in the tree. Voila. Mission accomplished.

Sideshow Michelle Yeoh action figure

The fashionistas among you might want to know what I'm wearing. Well my "tunic" is a Barbie Fashion Fever dress over Get Set Club black knit flare slacks. Sigh. I thought its icy blue color with the delicate silver trim matched the tree. Oh and, heck, I confess. I wanted to wear something pretty in case [No]Angelus appeared. It would be nice to be pretty just once. But there's no magic potion to beautify this face.

D'oh. I digressed. Merry Christmas!


RoxanneRoxanne said...

Michelle is quite a handsome woman in her Christmas Eve attire! Her outfit is quite flattering on her. And she did a wonderful job of decorating the tree. Merry Christmas, D7ana!

Anonymous said...

Michelle did a great decorating job :-). Merry Christmas to you D7ana, and to your tree decorator!!!

shirley said...

love the tree, great ideal the pepperments. merry christmas!

billa's dolls and fashions said...

Hi D7ana, Merry Christmas to you too!
I like Michelle attitude...LOL

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Merry Christmas! My dolls didn't get a tree up this year.

Brini said...

I love the tree, especially the peppermints. Merry Christmas a.

D7ana said...

Hi RoxanneRoxanne, Night Owl, Shirley Hargrove, Billa's Dolls and Fashions, Barb the Evil Genius, and Brini!

First, I thank you all for your Christmas wishes. I had a happy and fun Christmas celebration with my family.

Next, thanks for your kind words to Michelle ... and the tree ;-)

Last, I hope your holiday(s) are/were enjoyable, too.

Lindaivette38 said...

Hola, ambos se ven muy bien. La ropa es ideal para este post. Que pena lo del luto que las entristece.
Saludos desde Mexico.

Georgia Girl said...

Merry Christmas D7ana! The tree looks great and so does Michelle. 馃槉

The Duke of Swann said...

Hope you have a great holiday season. I really like this doll's top. Nice post.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

She is very creative, but probably like me, better at creating shortcuts that serve the same purpose as more labor-intense tasks.

I once decorated a mini Christmas tree with cutouts of a candy cane image that I scaled to size for the tree. The candy canes were printed on card stock and looked like the real thing in my photos of the decorated tree.


Ms. Leo said...

Glad to see that you are using the rug! She did a great job on the tree. Merry Christmas!

Jewell said...

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Michelle did a fine job decorating the tree. I confess to taking a few shortcuts, too this year.

Cindi Mortensen said...

Michele did a great job with the tree. I always say I'll do shortcuts, but I never do. LOL I always go whole hog at Christmas, and so do all the Moreville residents! Hope you had a Merry Christmas D7ana! :-)

Muff said...

I think she's hot! I love a handsome woman.

Merry Christmas!

Male Doll World said...

The white tree with the peppermint looks good.
Happy Holidays

jSarie said...

Heh, loved the narration for this!

Merry Christmas!

D7ana said...

Dear Lindaivette Montes de Oca, Georgia Girl, The Duke of Swann, Black Doll Enthusiast, Ms. Leo, Jewell, Cindi Mortensen, Muff, Male Doll World, and jSarie:

Thanks for the compliments to Michelle and about the tree. I hope you all had a merry Christmas and that you will all have a happy new year.

@Lindaivette Montes de Oca, Georgia Girl, The Duke of Swann, and Muff – Michelle is speechless – she does not usually get complimented for her looks.

@Lindaivette Montes de Oca, Georgia Girl, Black Doll Enthusiast, Jewell, Cindi Mortensen, and Male Doll World – whether taking shortcuts or focusing on details, we can achieve more pleasing results than we’d initially expected.

@Black Doll Enthusiast – I think that I and others have enjoyed many creative posts on your blog although you highlight your research skills.

@Ms. Leo – oh, yes, that’s the same rug you gave me at one of our doll club meetings. Michelle insisted on using it: she wanted something to pad her knees ;-)

@Muff – I’ll leave Michelle’s direct quote: “Me? Hot? Can I see the screen? Oh, wow. Me … hot! No one’s ever … um … no one’s ever called T.J. hot. Hmmm …”

@jSarie – I thought it was time for a new and different “voice” ;-)

D7ana said...

Estimado Lindaivette Montes de Oca, Gracias por las felicitaciones a Michelle y sobre el 谩rbol. Michelle se sinti贸 un poco melanc贸lico porque [No] Angelus no visit贸 ella. La bondad que recibi贸 de usted y otros aqu铆 y establecer el 谩rbol se ilumin贸 su estado de 谩nimo. La acci贸n puede hacer que la gente m谩s feliz.

Espero que hayan tenido una feliz Navidad y que va a tener un feliz a帽o nuevo.

Carrickters said...

Great Christmas tree, the peppermints were a clever idea. And Michelle looks great in that top. I hope you had a very happy Christmas.

D7ana said...

Hi Carrickters! Yes, I had a fun Christmas - thanks for asking - and I hope you had a happy one, too ;-)

Nichelle said she had seen large peppermint disc-ornaments some time ago. She thanks you for the compliment - she says she's been rewarded for taking the tree challenge.